Logan on the Move

A convergence of neighbors had Marla and me chatting with Shawn. All of us were in the middle of something. I was walking back from the creek, and Marla was ending her walk with Albert. Shawn stopped her car to chat with us on the way to the bus stop. Free-spirit Logan jumped out of the car and danced a bit of excessive energy around us. Soon he ran to the end of the road, where I took a photo without zooming in. It was a distance!

050318 Logan not zoomed.JPG

The camera reached out for him as he began to run back toward us. I don’t remember that he came all the way back, because he got side-tracked jumping ditches.

050318 Logan always moving FAST.JPG

When he heard the bus chugging up the hill, he ran back to the stop sign, waiting for the signal from the driver that it was safe to cross the road.

050318 Logan catches the bus.JPG

I love watching Logan get on the bus, and I’m not sure why. If he were my child, I would be feeling relief that he was gone for the day. I enjoy having him around, so relief is not the right word. Perhaps it is just the proper thing to happen after the sun comes up. We knew him before he went to school, and now he is growing up. It’s the beginning of his journey to make his way in the world. World, are you ready???

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