Summer? Already?

Neighbor Shawn texted me an image of her son Logan and granddaughter Lily. That’s when I became aware of happy shouts outside. Checking that the camera was in my pocket, I rushed out the door. What fun they were having! Water was spraying, and the children were running and sliding around the obstacle course. I took a few still shots and asked if they would do it one more time for a video. Luckily for me, it was a fairly good one.

Both children looked cold, but only one would admit to it. They wrapped themselves in fluffy towels, shivered a bit, and ran off to play on the swing set. I enjoyed a chat with Shawn before she went to check on the children and I headed home to niece Julie. Julie came for a working vacation for a few days. Between phone appointments and computer work, she and I jabbered away.

For the record, it is not summer yet. We’ve barely had a few good spring days. After dinner, Julie and I sat on the porch with a couple of candles burning, but we retreated to the warmth of the house after a short while.

11 thoughts on “Summer? Already?

  1. I think it’s still indoors after dinner weather for a while yet but it was very brave to try it. I hope neither of the children develop colds
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. I wondered that it seems early for my loved ones to be enjoying water Outdoors this week too, and. And there’s another blog post… Be blessed my friend and pray it forward.

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  3. Hi Anne, I enjoyed your video. We had a few days of hot summer heat and now today I am in winter clothes once more. Oh my! Logan and Lily would sure have fun with my younger grandchildren.


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