Birthday Cake for Breakfast

Presented with choices for his birthday celebration, grandson David opted for an egg in the eye for breakfast, followed by birthday cake. John and I agreed it was the thing to do. By the time we sang happy birthday to him, his eyes were fully open. As you might guess, David is most definitely not a morning person.

060118 3 David poses for birthday.JPG

John and I had already walked to the creek and showered before David got up. A few hours after our breakfast dessert, we went to Bogart’s, one of David’s favorite restaurants. He ordered one of their chicken sandwiches. It had fried chicken, barbecue sauce, cheese, lettuce, pickle, and tomato. It was so messy he had to wash his hands after eating. John had a grilled Portobello mushroom sandwich, and I had a chicken salad sandwich. On my wish list is a selective reading button. Foodies could choose to read this paragraph, and others wouldn’t have to see it.

We walked up and down Main Street, going in the shops David wanted to see. We like checking the old favorites and seeing the new stores coming in. John and I never do this by ourselves, only when someone is here with us. Waynesville is a tourist/arty town that has gift shops, antique stores, art galleries, a chocolate shop, and breweries on Main, along with restaurants, real estate agents, a dog bakery, cinema, cooking shop, and furniture stores. We made one purchase. John bought a can of old-fashioned scouring powder that he said would be perfect for cleaning the bathroom at the train club. Whoop-de-doo!

As we came back to the car, I told David to pose with it to show how close he parked to the curb. If someone told me to parallel park on a very busy, narrow street, I would have chosen to skip the window gazing. He did it easily. It reminded me of his mother. She failed the parking part of the driver’s test that had traffic cones as markers. She drove us straight to Smithtown, parallel parking perfectly on the main drag where cars were everywhere.

060118 5 David parallel parked against the curb.JPG

As you can see from the picture, the street was dry, and people were wandering around the town. It seems this is the first day without periods of heavy rain for almost a week. I’m not aware of any flooding in the town, despite the videos that have been shown on TV of spots in Western North Carolina. Flooding was very real, just not here. David had his Burger King shirt and hat in the car. He drove straight to work, and I rode home with John.

The end of the day is going to be as weird as the beginning. David and John are going to Tennessee tomorrow for a meeting at the train club. David hates getting up early. His solution? After working the late shift at the restaurant, he will come home and sleep in the mini-van. He said he will sleep buckled up, so there will be no need for John to wake him at 5:30 or 6 when he begins the long drive.

Happy Birthday, David!

40 thoughts on “Birthday Cake for Breakfast

      1. It sure would be. I have a daughter in Atlanta, a son and his wife and grand kids in Dallas, but they are too small to travel alone plus foster kids that they can’t leave without an act of congress practically. My daughter and four grandkids in Colorado and another in Utah, so they are pretty spread out. We did get together, at least most of us when my eldest graduated from college recently. The ones in Colorado and Utah, I see more often but I sure miss them.

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  1. Happy Birthday to David( June 1 ?) He has the most original ideas- I like the idea of sleeping buckled in the car seat for the night. I would have been scared to sleep outside.
    The chocolate cake looks beautiful( did you make it Anne)

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    1. John ordered the cake from our regular supermarket bakery. The cake and frosting were excellent. I offered to bake David a cake, and John offered to order it. We all know I was glad John forged ahead and let David choose the flavors. I’ll try to remember to send you a photo of a cake or so that I did years ago.

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    1. I tested my blood sugar after eating pancakes and maple syrup yesterday. It was in the normal range, but I didn’t dare test after chocolate cake. Wish I could send you some.

      xxx dark choc hugs xxx

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    1. The balloon was a rounded square. We never had a problem with our children or grandchildren wearing seat belts. We told them the car wasn’t moving unless they were buckled in. I’m amazed they didn’t try to use that as an excuse for not being driven to school or the doctor.

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  2. Hope David enjoyed his birthday! He parked so close to the curb, you can’t even see his tires, lol!
    I like the balloon, and the cake looks yummy. Hey, eggs are in a cake, so it’s what’s for breakfast, right? 🙂

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  3. I’m behind in reading and David is already older for two entire days and in Tennessee now. When I was learning to drive, my father had a car he kept just for Sundays and I had to learn to drive on it. He worked in Detroit at that time and it was near a cement factory that spewed out cement dust and so he worried about the finish on the Impala, so he got a VW Fastback to drive back/forth to work. I didn’t know how to drive a stick and he was so worried about the whitewalls, that he bought “curb fellers” so I wouldn’t get too close to the curb and wreck his whitewalls. When I took my driving test (out in the street with the instructor), I drove 1/2 mile away from the curb and the instructor asked me why I was almost out in the middle of the street and I was taking the test in that car, so I answered “my father is worried about his whitewalls” … I did NOT pass the test and had to re-take it, this time with my mom’s friend’s car and passed.

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          1. I know and once I went with my mom’s friends, it was fine, but he carried on about that car and the whitewalls every time he took me out for practice. He only took the car out on the weekends – it was his “baby” and he wanted me to learn how to drive the VW stick but I had troubles doing so and didn’t want to learn because he would go to a shopping center parking lot and he’d say “you’re stripping the gears!” Probably tainted me for driving the rest of my life with his antics. 🙂


              1. Thanks – I am indeed car-scarred by him. When I wanted to learn how to ride a two-wheeler, he took me onto the road and had his hand on the back of the seat and said I’m going to let go and I panicked and fell in the street and got scraped up. My mom couldn’t take me as she could not walk on the uneven pavement due to her orthopedic issues. So, I learned at my friend’s house, in her backyard from HER father. My father was worried about riding the bike on the grass – it might hurt the grass.


  4. I have thought so much about you when I see those pictures on the news-I am glad all is well with you. I like David. He does make sensible choices, according to his food and sleeping. I will no longer that he will dive in streams! haha! Happy birthday to him!


    1. We drove up high today. going on the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way home from church. We were gone for 9 pleasurable hours. We stopped by my favorite waterfalls, which happen to be a favorite of David, as well.

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    2. I should have said thank you for thinking of me. I’m very glad no one we know was involved in the flooding near Asheville. The exciting story was told by the young man who set up the video for our Sunday School class. He saw his bedroom curtain hanging out of the open window as he drove in one night. A bear was in there! Only one book was slightly damaged with claw marks. The bear went out through the window, and Adam ran to his car, driving toward the animal. The bear finally ambled off into the woods.

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  5. What a smart young fellow David is! (sleeping in the car – buckled up, yet!!) I do have one question though. How does he stay so slim, considering he eats like a horse X No, no I mean a hungry young man!!


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