Flash Memorial Day Party

I sent a feeler out to see if we should plan a neighborhood party for Memorial Day. As a group, we do not commit to anything until the last minute. In the meantime, John’s train buddies asked if he would meet them in Tennessee to work on a section of track. He was over there for three days. I was not going to push a party with our porch in such a mess. Yellow pollen was still accumulating, and there was no way I could clean it and think about cooking. By Sunday evening, I thought the lunch was not going to happen, that is, until I was going to bed. One household was definitely coming, so the party was on.

I sent the “formal” invitations via text at 7:30 on the day of the gathering..

Yes! Last minute! Let’s party!

We’ll be ready at noon. Eat at 1:00. There is no time to prepare, so if you have any food you’d like to share, bring it. If not, just come. If we had rules, it would be against them to make a special trip to buy things.

If possible, please let us know by noon if you are coming.

I knew there would be six of us, so I threw a menu together in my head. The next morning, after showering, I leaned against my antique bed, and it fell apart on my toe. Hearing the racket, John rushed into the room.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

I groaned.

“Do you want me to get ice for you?”

I moaned, “Can’t talk.”

“Are you able to walk?,” he asked.


“What can I do for you?” he asked.

With clenched teeth, I said, “Can’t talk. Just let me hurt for a while.”

He laughed at that, and I joined him. John called grandson David from the other side of the house, and they put the very heavy slats back in the frame. I hobbled into the kitchen for ice from the broken ice-maker, and found walking made the toe feel better. As I pulled open the freezer door, a plastic bowl of cooked chicken fell on the smashed toe. It hurt already, so what was a little more?

I’m happy to report that 11 of us enjoyed hamburgers, chicken sausages, hot dogs, chicken and rice, homemade dill pickles, watermelon, Jell-o, peach cobbler, and a homemade cake with whipped cream topped with blueberries and strawberries. We would also have had baked beans if I had remembered to take them off the stove. I told people what they missed, but I didn’t offer to pour beans over the patriotic cake.

Before the party started, John picked up neighbor Logan’s feet to make him a human wheelbarrow.

052818 Logan wheelbarrow flat.JPG

I said, “The wheelbarrow has gone flat. Get Logan to pump up that tire.”

052818 Logan wheelbarrow.JPG

David and Logan ate with us before they disappeared inside. I didn’t ask all that they did, but I saw them playing checkers and computer games. In the middle of the party I looked for some tiny airplanes we bought months ago. I hid them so well that I couldn’t find them. Logan stayed on after the adults left, and I finally found the little planes. Logan dutifully posed for me.

052818 Logan with mini-airplane.JPG

I got a shot of the two fellows as they played. The airplanes were not very air-worthy.

052818 Logan and David play with airplanes.JPG

The weather was miserable – cold and rainy – but we felt warm neighbors redeemed the day.

50 thoughts on “Flash Memorial Day Party

  1. Anne,
    What started off as a good idea became a painful day and ended on a lovely note. The ups and downs of life. I laughed ( in my mind) when I read of chicken bowl falling on your damaged toe, Because I never imagined you are injury prone ( as I am ) but today shattered all that I thought.
    I hope the toe is not fractured. So painful. I am amazed at how you buckled up and got together for the impromptu party and a hugely successful party.


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        1. A day in bed sounds heavenly. Evidently, moving was the best thing for my toe. As soon as I walked, it felt better. We all react to pain differently, don’t we? Lise cracked me up by writing that she would have had lots of drama if her toe had been injured.

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    1. My foot is fine, thanks. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything hurt that bad without consequences. Of course, with only four hours to pull a party together, I didn’t have time for pain. John took care of sweeping the pollen and removing the covers from chairs and table. We couldn’t have done it without each other.

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  2. It’s nice you have such friendly neighbors and impromptu get togethers are the best. Hope your toe is better and doesn’t impact your walking going forward. Hope you don’t have a rainy spell like we’ve had … we have one more very hot day, them Wednesday through Friday is rainy and stormy.

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    1. We had rain all day, and John said he didn’t think we’d walk in the morning because of it. You seemed to have jumped from winter straight into summer. I felt that way many times in NY. I vote we have seasons with equal time, though I’d be glad to give some of summer to spring and fall.

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      1. I feel the exact same way about dividing about the seasons – we have jumped headfirst into Summer and one more day, tomorrow at 90 degrees, then three days of storms and rain. The weatherman kept saying “it’s hot but sunny and no rain” … in my opinion, might as well have been rain. I scurried out, did my walk at Elizabeth Park, and then scurried home and in the house. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons … we got cheated out of Spring this year.

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          1. You are so right Anne – feeling cheated about Spring. I have heard no long-range forecast yet – I hope this extreme heat and humidity takes a hike though … already 70 degrees and 80% humidity and 63% dew point. Hope your toe is better and the rain has stopped so you can get in a walk today.

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            1. The toe is fine, I presume. I didn’t check in with it before going back to sleep after hearing rain. This is a mini-vacation, but I must get up now. I hope your weather backs off and cools down.

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              1. Maybe black-and-blue but hopefully not swollen. Years ago I worked on Memorial Day weekend getting the yard in order – that was my usual three-day-weekend chore, even though it is a very small house and property, but I have small bushes all around, and have to keep them trimmed in proportion to the house. So by Memorial Day, the new growth is done (I made a mistake first year I did the gardening after my father was gone, and pruned too early in May – new growth back by Memorial Day and spent more time out in the yard so you live and learn). So, I don’t like to work in the heat of the day – but, you can’t always go out early in a.m. to do yard work and I have electric everything – nothing gas powered, but do have a push mower (which I used to use more than the electric when I still cut the lawn before the Jeff/Linda “deal”). So, cut lawn in the heat of the day. Very hot and Marge went by on her way to work and said to me “you’re red in the face and sweating … go into the house” … I said “have lots to do but will hurry and go inside where it is cool.” Turned around and ran over the lawn mower cord – had spent a lot on the cord to keep it light and tangle free, so wrecked a $69.00 cord. Had a spare old cord (that I had before the “good cord”) and finished lawn and went to trim this high pyracantha bush at the side of the house, where there was no shade. Sweat in my eyes, put the electric hedge trimmer right into the chain link fence and jammed it/broke it. Was disgusted and put all of it away and decided to wait until the next day. Came into the house, took off my shoes and went to the fridge to get a cold drink … sweat in my eyes and burning and my mom had a “quad cane” – four legs on the cane – not the ones with four feet on the bottom – this one looked like an oil derrick. She kept it next to her kitchen chair all the time. I tripped over the cane and mangled my toe. I am sure I broke it, but my mom looked and said “no, but you bruised it badly” … she taped two toes together “buddy style” to heal the mashed-up toe and we let it go. But it swelled up and was red and purple for two weeks and couldn’t get a shoe on my foot and had to wear sandals to work and pants as could not put nylons on. Sometimes I look at it and think it looks crooked. Long story short (I am always wordy) … if it is bruised and discolored, go to have it looked at so it doesn’t cause you issues later.

                It is horrible outside … left at 7:45 a.m. and it was already 73 degrees outside, 79% humidity and 63% dew point and sun out full strength like a July or August day. I thought it was worse than the last two days – I came home feeling like a limp dishrag.

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                    1. It would be a great improvement! I have the A/C at 76 and I am not cool and have actually nodded off a few times during the day. I don’t know how people work outside in this weather – I feel for them.

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  3. Well done the Hostess with the Mostest for another fabulous party. Well attended and enjoyed especially by Logan who had David’s company.I’m so glad your toe survived the day.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  4. Ok, first off, sorry about your poor toe! Secondly, I love your house. Third, I also love that everyone ore patriotic clothing! I wore something ref, white, and blue and bought another but decided to save it for the 4th. Glad your party turned out nice, Logan sure is a cutie!

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    1. We always learn something. Two couples eat out more than we do, so we found out two things. The nearest restaurant is not doing well, as we surmised from the lack of cars. It has had a rapid change of cooks, none for the better. A pancake restaurant was sold. It just reopened with many of the old items on the menu. Verdict: will be good when the staff gets everything straight.

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    1. One of our neighbors helped another fix something on his roof. We’ve had lots and lots of rain the last few days, and the repair was perfect — not a single leak!! It was lovely to hear that announcement.

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    1. After John let me suffer in peace for a few seconds, the toe got better. Actually, I think walking to the kitchen to get the toe hammered by a frozen chicken was what helped. Amazingly, it didn’t hurt at all!

      I’m sending you some warm toe-squidges.

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  5. I once broke a middle toe on the vacuum cleaner. The pain was terrible. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the day regardless of being smashed by bed and bowl.


  6. And a great time was had by all! …Except your poor foot!! OW!!! Must’ve been horrific, I’m sure that thing wasn’t light as a feather!!!
    Food sounds great – I could’ve eaten the whole cake myself, I think. 😀 Hope your foot’s better!!!


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