Miscellaneous is more “miss” than anything else with me. I almost missed the shot of son John $ falling out of the geriatric chair. He stretched out in the recliner I inherited from John’s godfather, who died at age 97. He didn’t know the chair was designed to boost an oldster into a standing position. In checking how far the chair would go, he almost fell out of it in slow motion.  David and I were there to laugh with him.

060718 Geriatric chair dumps $.JPG

David was too groggy to finish his breakfast cereal. He missed eating it when it was fresh. A day later he took it out of the refrigerator, and half of it came up on his spoon. I should have watched to see if he broke it up in the bowl or just gnawed on it.

060318 David's hunk of cereal.JPG

John found two ticks on himself and another crawling on his desk. He missed the tiny one that attached itself firmly. I removed it with tweezers amid giggles and twitches. It was still moving when I took the photo. You can’t see its size, but we feel sure it was bigger than a deer tick that carries Lyme’s disease.

060518 John's tiny tick.JPG

A rabbit was grazing on our gravel when I went out to walk. He hadn’t moved as I advanced slowly toward him, so I fished out the camera and shot him. He hopped a few feet away and again seemed to be searching the gravel. I missed the point of his being there. With acres and acres of lawn and pasture surrounding him, why was he nosing about that arid area? Does anyone have an answer for that?

060718 Bunny grazing on gravel.JPG

Neighbors Shawn and Bob held their grandson only hours after he was born. Bob sent a photo that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss. I presume Shawn took it on his cell phone. She caught the mystery, awe, and wonder that surrounds the miracle of birth. It was a tender moment.

060418  Bob with  new grandson Pico.jpg

For those who want details, the baby weighed 7 lb. 11 oz. He is named Picasso, to be shortened to Pico (Pee-co).

44 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. Is John $ David’s father? I hope the rabbit didn’t have myxomatosis it was behaving very strangely. Aren’t Shawn and Bob the parents of your best buddy too?
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    1. John $ is not David’s dad.

      Here is the lineup. Oldest daughter Lise has no children and lives in Denmark. Second daughter Kate is the mother of half brothers David and Nathaniel. She lives in New Jersey. John $ has no children and lives about an hour from us.

      The rabbit appeared normal. I’ll be watching to see what rabbits are up to now.

      Shawn and Bob have three grown children and adopted Logan when he was four. The naked 2-year-old is the son of their oldest daughter. That daughter had a baby Monday, the one in today’s photo.

      xxx baby hugs xxx

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  2. My grandma used to have a lift chair…..the grandkids and great grandkids loved going for “rides” on it. They also had a chair that massaged and that made for lots of fun too!
    I sympathize with the tick thing….I had one in my hair already this season…also to large for a deer tick thankfully!\
    I have no answer on the rabbit question … that is really odd.


  3. You have interesting days Anne. I saw David Prosser’s comment about myxomatosis. I didn’t know the name of it, but I mentioned not seeing many rabbits in the Park and the neighborhoods this year and blogger Wayne (Tofino Photography) mentioned a virus that was killing off many rabbits in his neck of the woods. My concern was leaning toward hawks or eagles preying on the bunnies as there used to be many of them. Hope your fuzzy friend was just looking for a contact lens that was dropped.

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      1. 🙂 … I only lost one contact lens and I wore them for 35 years, but that one was dropped in the bathroom. I wore hard lenses so I had the light off and was using a flashlight while running my hand through the fibers of the rug and figuring it went airborne as I never found it.

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          1. This one contact was very dry when I took it out – I never blinked enough and had two pair of contacts and rotated them every other day and had them polished once a quarter. It just flew off my finger – once in the rug, GONE!

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  4. Loved the chair episode. Do you keep records of what happens in the day, how do you remember to tell the tales ?
    Tick disease- that is scary ?
    The rabbit – must have been snoozing on the gravel driveway.

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    1. Photos are a great reminder of things that happen. I’ve always had a good memory for silly, useless things. Two of our nieces had Lyme’s disease, with long- lasting consequences. A sleepy rabbit? Maybe. I’m going to be watching for him.

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  5. Oh, ticks. We do tick checks every night after spending the day at the farm. We have found many – thankfully so far none have been attached. The rabbit was lucky – you “shot” him and he lived to tell about it. LOL. Love the photo of Grandpa with the grandbaby. Precious!

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    1. You are wise to do tick checks after being outside. John plans to shower quicker than he did before. I avoided walking in grass when we lived in NY. Here in NC, I go into the garden several times a week to pull weeds and clip things. It’s dangerous!

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  6. Hi Anne, I loved your family photos and the sweet babe. I can sympathize. I also had a tick on me last week. I think I was lucky also and it was bigger than the usual deer tick. It’s that time of year!


  7. Great post Anne. Love the photo of the new baby … grimaced over that clump of breakfast in the dish … or rather, on the spoon. Eeek!

    But shuffled about in my seat at the site of the tick.
    Had to take my dog to the vet a couple of days ago as she had a huge tick which had attached itself to her upper eye-lid. Although we have a tick removing tool, this was literally on her eyelid, right next to her eye and I worried that one slip …. oh gosh, not worth thinking about. So rushed her to the vet.

    Can’t stand ticks. The thought of one getting onto me or Mr. Cobs brings me out in a cold sweat.

    GREAT post Anne.
    Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  8. That chair is one sneaky piece of furniture. I like the photo. We have rabbits around here but they stay on the grass. Maybe this guy is an explorer by nature, venturing into new terrain… just because he can!


            1. He may have stopped growing. His 18th birthday was in February. We’re planning to go to his high school graduation in a couple of weeks and will see if he has grown. Always, the first time I hug him between visits, I am surprised at his height.

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  9. Tics, Black Flys and now the ankle biting House flys that abound after the Chicken manure is spread on our surrounding 50 acre field keep us swatting. No sirens or horns honking though. Country Life, ain’t it grand. Oops, forgot to mention the slugs from all the rain, slithering things they are.

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