Snow in June??

I knew it was cool this morning, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got to the firehouse near the creek. The roses appeared to be holding bits of snow. Snow in June? No way!

060918 June photo, not snow.jpg

Perhaps the firemen needed to get rid of foam. We’ve walked there for four years and never saw foam before.

060918 June un-snow near firehouse.jpg

Grandson David had a day off, so we had lunch at Jukebox Junction on the way to the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was a wonderful day to be in the mountains. The higher we drove, the cooler it became. A sign stated we were at the highest point on the whole parkway. There were many clouds, both white and rainy-gray, which made the scenery much more interesting than a view bleached by full sun. We stopped at many of the overlooks, getting out to soak up the silence and enjoy sprinkles from the sky.

060918 Mountains from Blue Ridge Parkway.jpg

37 thoughts on “Snow in June??

  1. That’s very interesting with the foam. I intended to do a post today on all the cottonwood that is flying around and it builds up on the grass and water and looks like snow once it comes down at its peak. I took some photos yesterday and the cotton pieces are all over the grass and the Creek. I have the A/C shut off today as we have had a rainy and stormy day but it gets sucked up into the A/C grille and has to be hosed off. Maybe the rain helped a little bit in that regard – didn’t help my 5K any. Rained and didn’t go.

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      1. Tomorrow’s not looking so great either – I’m about to head to bed and earlier it said on the online Weather Channel that the showers would be overnight and from 5:00-8:00 a.m. Race is at 8:00 a.m. and I have to drive there, about 5-6 miles and register and pick up my stuff. I have to leave around 7:15. Today’s antique car show was cancelled as well due to the rain. We’ve had a very ugly Spring so far


  2. When I saw the photo, my first through was the same as the previous commenter – I bet it’s cottonwood. It’s currently on most everything around here.


      1. I don’t think that there are cottonwood trees where you live. If you lived in an area with them, you’d definitely notice the cottony fluff from them floating through the air for a week or two each year.


  3. How funny! Temps dropped here last night. Today is sprinkly and cool, so I began this post thinking it actually snowed there. Beautiful images as usual, Anne. ❤


  4. Its like living in rose heaven, Anne. But what was it – soap foam or snow ?
    Silence is so healing, peaceful and the silence from mountains must be so healing.


  5. Such beautiful roses! I blogged about mine today (or the lack of them due to deer). I guess the foam doesn’t harm them? On another note, did you get my email? Just checking. I don’t trust computers!


        1. I looked again at my email. Perhaps I deleted it by mistake. If so, I’m very sorry. Yes, please try to resend the info. I can’t see any way to find messages sent through the contact page. If the second message doesn’t work, I’ll think of something else. Thank you very much for trying.

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    1. We walk by the firehouse most days. The other day I stopped to sniff one of the roses. One of our daughters was forever quoting that bit about smelling the roses, so I thought I ought to do it properly.


  6. I’m wondering if perhaps there was a fire in that area beyond the fence behind the roses, as there seems to be an awful lot of foam in that underpass (tunnel), and lots of foam settled on the bare ground.

    Hence the reasoning that maybe there had been a fire in the grasses and weeds etc which surely would have been growing in that soil there. Yet … it’s bare.
    Hmm… You could be onto something with the foam idea, Anne. ~ Cobs . xxx


  7. We’re still a little cool…the heat came on night before yesterday. It’s very green here, we’ve had a lot of rain…it’s beginning to feel we’ve acquired Seattle’s climate. Warmer temperatures forecasted for Monday…soon we’ll all be saying, ‘It’s too HOT.” Oh the joy of it all…life is wonderful!


    1. I can shamelessly enjoy those roses at the firehouse. No one seems to tend them until autumn, when they ruthlessly prune them and throw the tops in the creek. I wish they wouldn’t do that, but I’m not offering to do the job.

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