A Bump on the Road

Neighbor Marla saw the bump a day before I did. As she walked dog Albert, Cat (the one we pet every day) came onto the road and bumped noses with Albert. I was with her the next day when the action began to unfold. I was not quick enough to get out my camera, and so missed the shot. As John and I walked today, I told him I had done things out of order and forgot to pick up both camera and phone. I said, “If I need a camera, I’ll have to use your phone.”

Wouldn’t you know, on the way home we caught up with Marla shortly before Cat appeared. As the animals eyed each other, I asked John for his phone. I fumbled finding the icon for the camera, and I was sure I was going to miss the moment. In a split second it was done. They didn’t approach each other again. It was luck! Pure luck!

061318 Albert and Cat bump noses.jpg

33 thoughts on “A Bump on the Road

    1. We had three cats at one time years ago, and they hated each other until the day they died. I’ve not had experience with dogs and cats together. The first few times Albert and Cat saw each other, the cat was in “scared” mode. Thanks for reading and commenting. Have you had cats and dogs together?

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  1. We are trying to bring a kitten into our two shorkie home. So far, has been tense to say the least, but I’m trying to make it work. Between my husband griping and one of the shorkies barking and snapping at her, it’s been tough. Moments of peace like now when they are all napping are wonderful.

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