Flag Day 54 Years Ago

54 years ago photographers did not take pictures during a wedding ceremony. We posed as if we were exchanging rings. All of a sudden, Pastor Gross (yes, that was his name!) exclaimed, “I hope the book won’t show in that shot. I had it open to Burial of the Dead.”

6406 Wedding 2.jpg

41 thoughts on “Flag Day 54 Years Ago

  1. Congrats! It is a lovely picture.A handsome couple!
    (I think it was nicer when cameras/tv weren’t allowed in the services and churches. More dignified and kept the atmosphere formal and serious…and somehow warm and comforting – apart from the outside world)


    1. We thought our ceremony was lovely. A college friend played the organ, and our best friends sang. We had been part of the Madrigal group, and several of them stayed after graduation to sing at our wedding.

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    1. John shaved the morning of the wedding, but he commented on his stubble, too. My dress was just a formal gown bought for the recital I gave my senior year of high school. (I was 17.) Four years later I made the top to go over the dress, reusing the beading that had been on it.

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