Logan Turns 8

On the way to the supermarket, I told John I had intended to think about a small celebration of neighbor Logan’s birthday. He suggested I text his mother. I waited until I found wrapping paper in the store, because we had no appropriate ones at home. Shawn responded yes, so we doubled back and picked up a tiny cake. All we had to do was assemble a few things for this instant party. The candles looked pretty impressive on the cake.

061918 Logan with his cake.JPG

Logan had plenty of air for the ritual blow-out.

061918 Logan blows out candles.JPG

By holding the camera over my head, I was able to get a shot of everyone. Left to right were Bob, Shawn’s sister Barb, grandson David, John, Logan, and Shawn.

061918 Logan's impromptu birthday party.JPG

We had indoor fireworks (sound only) – packing bags I’d saved for Logan to stomp on.

061918 Logan's indoor fireworks.JPG

After Logan opened his gifts, he and David played games. The rest of us went out to the screened porch to chat in the cool air and enjoy the mountain view. It was the first time we’d had a chance to talk with Barb, visiting from Ohio. I love that relaxed time when no one has anything more to do. Bob joked that he would send Logan back to us at 10 if he didn’t go to sleep after eating chocolate. After the party broke up, David looked at the clock and laughed that we might expect Logan at any moment. We did see the boy before we expected, but it wasn’t until the next morning. He ran over to see if he could stay with us while his folks went to Asheville to visit a friend in the hospital. He joined us for a late breakfast. David again played card games and computer games with him.

062018 Day after Logan's party.JPG

Logan’s niece, Lily, came to get him when his folks returned. Shawn let me know when the “littles” were playing in the water. Water came into the small columns, and the jets could be aimed. David ran to feel how cold the water was and ran back before he got wet. I laughed at how tiny the toy was compared to how large it looked on the box. It might be the right size for Shawn and Bob’s two-year-old grandson.

062018 Logan and Lily play with water mat.JPG

062018 Lily does a cartwheel.JPG

32 thoughts on “Logan Turns 8

  1. That was nice of you to celebrate Logan’s birthday – that cake looked delicious and I love the tall candles – never have seen any candles that looked like that before.


      1. Wow – I thought they were those tall candles that I’ve seen advertised in catalogs. I had never seen them actually used – they looked big from the angle you took the picture though. The cake was cute.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy birthday, Logan. He is my birthday twin( how surprising I didn’t realize this so far).
    God bless him !
    Great party and pictures.
    I like the ones of Lily and his water fun.


    1. Logan is special to us. Last year we missed his birthday and planned to celebrate after it. Weeks went by while we looked for a date that would work. I’m glad this quick party worked out.


    1. The cake was tiny, and no one could go back for seconds. That was good for all but two of us who don’t need to watch our weight. We all had a good time, for everyone said they did!

      xxx chocolate hugs xxx


    1. We love our neighbors. I’ve heard them all say at different times how much they enjoy living here. The other day Jeff’s repairman knocked over our mailbox, and Bob shored it up. Where else would that happen?


  3. Wow Logan is a very lucky boy!!! I often stayed with my grandma “nan” when my parents were doing something I didn’t want to do:)


    1. Yes, thank you! I thought I let you know. SORRY! We are planning on seeing you tomorrow, possibly by 2 pm. I have your address and land line number and will call tomorrow as we travel. I won’t be on the internet in the car. I am so excited!! Can’t wait to see you!

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