Meeting a Favorite Blogger

There is nothing like meeting a favorite person face-to-face. I avidly followed Kate’s blog for several years and finally met her. She writes about her four cats, Starbucks, exercising at the gym and outside, and funny things that happen to her. She has a marvelous sense of humor. We drove near her home on our way to grandson Nathaniel’s high school graduation, and she graciously invited us to drop by. Her accent on the phone did not surprise me, since I knew she lived in Pennsylvania. In person, I found she was animated and most engaging. Her beloved husband (the name she uses for him on the blog) was also most interesting. He played the guitar in bands in his earlier years before they met. Kate joked that we would know her entire history in an hour, but I have a thousand questions left hanging. We knew we were not likely to meet the shy cats. They hid while we sat on their favorite porch, but I didn’t sense them trying to push us out.

062218 Kate and Dan.JPG

Kate has written about her pond. Words and pictures don’t do it justice.  The clematis regally held sway over the pond, while the sound of falling water soothed our ears.

062218 Kate Crimmins pond.JPG

062218 Frog in Kate's pond


There was even a friendly frog to greet us, calmly sitting on a lily pad.



If you follow Kate, you already know about her magic with words. If you don’t know her, prepare to be entranced if you read her blog. The address is

49 thoughts on “Meeting a Favorite Blogger

  1. Thanks for stopping by. It is you who has that soft southern accent I wasn’t expecting. Yes, I also had a bunch of unanswered questions after you left. It was a great time and thanks for the link!

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  2. Anne
    I was already following Kate because I saw her blog as one of the blogs you follow.
    Now that you met her, I know more about the person behind the blog. It is so good to know and see people who we perceive are genuine and when we meet them, our feelings are validated.
    Kate, I love your blog especially the posts about the cats.


  3. You sure sold me Anne – I am going to follow Kate too – we chatted awhile back regarding one of your posts. A chatty blogger with interesting stories to tell, is my kind of blogger. 🙂


    1. It would be so much fun to meet EVERY blogger I follow. Many, like you, are much too far away for our paths to cross. If you ever come to the Asheville area, please do let me know.


                1. David helps with the driving, but Nathaniel doesn’t yet have a license. John took them back to school after Christmas break. Their schedules we’re different, so there were two round trips for Christmas, spring break, and end of school. David has one more semester of college. Nathaniel will start college in August, but that is only 3 hours from here. There won’t be many trips after this.

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  4. I would love a pond in the yard but afraid it would attrect shakes. We do have a farm pond in the back pasture but everything is so grown up I haven’t been back there. Kates pond is lovely.


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