Visiting our old Chair

Catherine and Lars (niece and nephew) invited us to their place to see an old chair John had given to Lars. Lars had it reupholstered, and it was lovely. When our grandchildren were young, John would sit in the chair and hold them to watch train videos. Good posture was not possible in that put-you-to-sleep chair. It was almost guaranteed to knock you out in 15 minutes. I took a turn sitting in it, but I got up before sleep overcame me.

062618 John sprawled in his old chair.JPG

John’s sister Barbara and Thom were there, too. Barbara took her grandson Thomas out to swing. Nathaniel went out shortly afterwards and was soon swinging the four-year-old. I stepped outside to text grandson David who was sick as a dog back at our house. I told him where to find medicine and how to make Jell-o. I overheard Nathaniel ask Thomas what he liked to do. The boy replied, and then he asked Nathaniel the same question. Nate answered that he liked to bake and said he’d make Thomas a cake or some cookies the next time they were together. This shy little boy was having a real conversation! I was amazed. There was give and take, with questions asked and answered. I know teenagers who can’t do that!!! The two stayed outside most of the time we were there.

062618 Nathaniel pushing Thomas.JPG

Inside, Lars showed us the illustrated manuscript he did. He assigned his students a project of doing an illustrated page, giving them three months to finish. He wanted them to know first-hand how time-consuming it was. How long did it take for him to finish the big one? One whole year! Catherine had it framed for him as a gift. Lars has been interested in history almost all his life. [He has published four books: Lost to the West: The Forgotten Byzantine Empire, The Normans: From Raiders to Kings, The Sea Wolves: A History of the Vikings,and In Distant Lands: A Short History of the Crusades.]

062618 Lars with his illustrated manuscript.JPG

Before we left, I asked for a group picture. Barbara and Thom posed with Lars and Catherine. Barbara is holding Ellertsen, the baby whose christening we missed. We nabbed Nathaniel from the swing set and continued our drive back to North Carolina.

062618 Lars Thom Barbara Catherine Ellie.JPG

36 thoughts on “Visiting our old Chair

  1. You are the busy ones, Grands and Greats arrived via Boise and OKC last night. Have a Happy 4’th. You make me feel like part of the family. Think of posting a Family Tree so we can keep them all set. Where is the MIRROR, up or down???

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  2. Loved this blog. Ellertson has gotten so big so quickly, great photo of all. The chair sounds like a special item that will always bring back memories. We have a sofa like that. It’s now in Chelsea’s home but we called it the “sleeping sofa”. No one could ever sit on it for a length of time without falling asleep. I had the cushions replaced and it was never quite the same.

    Everyone looks great, thanks for sharing.

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  3. Your grandsons both have the ability to communicate with people of any age. I’ve seen them with older folks and with young children without looking put out or bored. Kudos to whoever raised them. All kids should be like that. Love the chair but I know about “sleeping sickness” chairs. We have a recliner that I swear injects you with Ambien while you sit.

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  4. I have my 13 year old grand daughter visiting and it’s taken 5 days for any hope of a two way conversation to be initiated, so I get what you’re saying. Kudos, I hope it continues. We are working on it. .


  5. I hope that David is feeling better by now – he could not have felt as bad as Joey Chestnut must feel after downing 74 hot dogs today. Did you ever visit Coney Island? I just looked to see how far it was from Long Island before I asked … geography is not my strong point.


    1. David was better by the time we got home, although he did look a little rough around the edges. I don’t think I ever went to Coney Island. I saw it across the water and have seen many photos of it.

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      1. That’s good – and he was alone which was too bad. He works at Burger King and could have gotten some coke syrup to settle his stomach (if he worked that day). When I was at the diner, you would not believe how many people would come in and ask if they could buy coke syrup for upset stomachs. You pour it into the machine and then it hooks up to the carbonation machine to give it the “fizz”.


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