College Bound and a Post-christening Party

Off to College! The day after graduation, we picked up grandson Nathaniel He was always a light traveler. We thought the car might be filled to the brim with all his clothes and gear for college, but there was plenty of room for us to sit comfortably. He is working again at the steakhouse where he worked last summer and will go to Johnson & Wales in August.

062518 JC N packing the car.JPG

Post-christening Party We missed the christening of our great nephew in Maryland, but John’s sisters and spouses stayed an extra day to visit with us as we drove down from New York. Thom and Barbara’s twins and their wives provided a lovely cook-out. Nathaniel offered to cook the meats – hamburgers, hot dogs, and locally made chicken-apple sausages. I wish I lived near that sausage-maker. They had a lovely way of accommodating appetites for a mixed group, providing a choice of large hamburgers or sliders.

062518 Nathaniel grilling.JPG

I particularly enjoyed watching six first cousins from age four to age sixteen playing together. I can’t think what relation grandson Nathaniel is to those six. He might be a second cousin or something once removed, which sounds like a second-rate person dumped in the garbage. I hadn’t looked at the calendar and was surprised when we were suddenly celebrating Barbara and Thom’s 52nd wedding anniversary. I hope I can be forgiven for forgetfulness, because I’m old.

062518 BA Thom's 52nd anniversary.JPG

062518 Barbara Thom on anniversary.JPG

The next day when Thom and John were both trying to pay for breakfast, Thom pulled a fast one . He told the cashier not to pay attention to John because he was senile. We all burst out laughing. I was glad the cashier was not flustered, but laughed with us.

062618 N Thom BA JC breakfast at Chick fil A.JPG

37 thoughts on “College Bound and a Post-christening Party

  1. I’m afraid my ex-beloved daughter has used the ‘Ignore him he’s senile’ in a battle to pay for a meal but luckily for me the staff know me well and their tip depends on me not being senile.I should think you’re in for a lovely Summer with the boys.
    xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx


    1. LOL! That is funny, David. We were in a place where no one knew us. I imagine this summer will be a lot like last. Both boys are working at the same places. It was great that they didn’t have to scramble for jobs this time.

      xxx hugs that work xxx


  2. It was really nice that you were there to celebrate with Thom and Barbara for their 52 anniversary. We celebrated our 50th a year ago and didn’t hear from any family! How thoughtful of you and John and for you all!


      1. Yes I have 6 first cousins on my dad’s side and 1 first cousin on my mom’s side. My grandparents all came from huge families so the family quickly expands at the second cousin stage!

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  3. What a busy week end,you must be exhausted now…..delightful exhausted.i love the pics and of course good luck and all the best to grandson❤️


    1. Thank you. John did all the driving, so mostly I just sat still. We didn’t have any responsibilities for the parties since we came from such a distance. I never realized what an advantage distance could make.

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  4. A wonderful and special weekend for you all, Anne! Thank you for sharing here and I’m laughing at your joking with the cashier! I am impressed with your grandson’s light packing for university. I imagine my son will be the same next year – although perhaps not with me on his case!


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