Waynesville House Tour

It was a total surprise to me that our home might be featured on a house tour. I heard the vehicle on the street, and then it seemed to be circling around the side. I saw it from the back porch and ran to the deck at the side of the house. There it was! The driver seemed very familiar, and I knew the voice of the tour guide. I took a quick photo of the outfit as it drove around the edge of the property.

070618 Bob's Tours.JPG

The driver was none other than neighbor Bob, and he pulled up with a flourish below the deck. Normally that would have accommodated tourists wanting to photograph the house, but he paused for me to record the event. Logan was the tour guide for his nephew Sufi. Bob acknowledged me; Logan waved, and Sufi studied the house intently. He was not ready to commit himself to approval without further scrutiny. Bob’s Tours had made its first historic stop.

070618 Bob's Tours first stop.JPG

If any of you want to book a tour, please let me know.  Rates are competitive, and I can guarantee you an excellent discount.

21 thoughts on “Waynesville House Tour

              1. A few years back when the granddaughters were here, I bought one of the cookie packs in the refrigerated section that you put on a cookie sheet and bake. Already mixed and all. I thought it would be fun without all the mess. We burned them. The tops never browned but the bottoms blackened. We threw in the trash! Not a successful activity!


    1. We revel in our yard now. On Long Island our soil was tested, and the lawn people said nothing would grow there. We were thankful for moss. It stayed green and didn’t need to be mowed. There is a lot to be said for moss.

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