Partner from the Past

It took two years, but we finally got together with Cornelius and his wife. I worked with him in New York, both before and after he became a partner in the accounting firm where I was the secretary. We hardly saw each other after he moved to the New Jersey office. I was aware that he and his wife Susan visited her parents in a town close to us here in North Carolina. They came this year to visit them and made time to have lunch with us. I enjoyed catching up with them and seeing pictures of their children.

070618 Cornelius and Susan.JPG

For the foodies: We had beef in a blanket (ground beef baked in pie pastry), mushroom gravy, cantaloupe, neighbor Connie’s recipe for grape salad, and frozen lemon pie.

20 thoughts on “Partner from the Past

    1. The food tasted good to me. I thought I was losing my touch when I didn’t like the things I served the last guests. Hopefully, my taste buds were taking a vacation and the food was better than I thought.

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