Daughter Kate Arrives

Kate took a nap after work and set out driving from her home in New Jersey around 6 p.m. She arrived here at 10 the next morning. She got her driving gene from John, not me. The trek included several rest stops and an hour’s nap. One frightening event was dodging a deer on the interstate at 3 a.m. Thankfully, all the cars around her threw on their brakes at the same time, and no one was hurt. Kate heard a thump and wondered if the deer had kicked her front bumper. There was no mark on the car to indicate that it did.

She jumped right into visiting with us and her sons. One of the boys mentioned a jigsaw puzzle. We removed the last ones we had worked and dumped out pieces of another box we bought in New York a couple of weeks ago. We knew what to expect this time. The label said the box contained two puzzles that were factory-sealed, so that no pieces would be missing. Each had 240 pieces. What the label didn’t say was that all 480 pieces were jumbled together. With three of us working and one taking photos, we had the edges put together in an hour. David worked on them before going to work, and Kate finished them later. I didn’t ask if they followed our precedent. John does not enjoy jigsaws, so we usually let him put in the last piece for token participation in this family event.

070718 D K N double puzzle.JPG
David, Kate, and Nathaniel working double jigsaw puzzles

53 thoughts on “Daughter Kate Arrives

  1. Have fun and I tend to be that kind of driver but learned my lesson and am less inclined as I nearly killed myself. BUUUUT, I was more able to do that at a young age than I am now and it was only a few years back that I stopped doing that. This ol’ grey mare just ain’t what she used to be. lol

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            1. I’m presuming enclosed pods will be safer than vehicles currently being tested. I’m not going to rush time, though. I’m glad to be living now, even if it takes 15 hours to get to Long Island.

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                1. You’d know I grew up in the South if you heard me speak. I lived in West Tennessee for 21 years, married John and moved to NY, and now I’m back in God’s country (although in NC now). Grandsons lived in NY until now. David will finish college in December, and Nathaniel starts college in Charlotte this fall. We’ve made untold trips to NY since we moved to NC four years ago.

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                  1. I was born in Alabama, but moved to California at 2, Colorado at 40+ then back to Alabama and now in Cali again. I talk “funny” when I’m with someone from “home”. I still think of Alabama as home. It felt like home. I don’t think I have a twang but people spot it now and then. lol

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    1. I still love jigsaw puzzles, but my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. Patience fills the gap. I can fit pieces in the right place, but it takes time. Would you work a puzzle now? I’ll bet the answer is no, because you read so much.

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      1. Even emptier when the boys start school – you won’t know what to do with all the room, and Logan will be in school, so less visits with him as well. You’ll be twiddling your thumbs. 🙂


  2. What rotters the makers were, putting all the pieces for two different jigsaws, in one bag! That’s a really mean thing to have done. Grrr.

    Glad to hear that you all finished the jigsaw though. Very well done, you clever things!


  3. So glad Kate is ok; those deer can terrify you, popping out of the trees when you don’t expect it!! So dangerous. So… Nathaniel and David are Kate’s boys? Kudos to her and hubby for producing such fine young men!


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