No Contest

There was no contest about styling ice cream, but both grandsons wanted to create their own cone-topper. We ate at Dickie’s, liking both their barbecue sandwiches and the free ice cream that followed. Nathaniel finished his lunch first. He came back to the table with a side-to-side creation with lots of soft ice cream on top.

071418 N's cone at Dickey's.JPG
Short but squat ice cream

We waited for David, knowing he has “professional” experience from working at Burger King. He filled all our cones before concentrating on his own. David goes with the circular theory, that you can build a high top by laying a round base on the cone. When we reached the mid-point of the ice cream, we found a hollow in it.

071418 David's cone at Dickey's BBQ.JPG
Tall and thin ice cream

I gasped as David sat down. The ice cream began to tilt, and he caught it with one hand. We had no scales to weigh the boys’ cones, so there could be no official winner. David kept the cone’s balance at the table and finished it before the cream could fall again or melt.

071418 David had to catch his tall ice cream

33 thoughts on “No Contest

  1. You do tell the most wonderful stories and your words make these incidents seem like they take place in front of our eyes. I loved both the cone toppings- vanilla ? And the swirls. Glad there were no accidents.


    1. Anne, I didn’t mean to put my foot in my mouth over on Cobs blog/I just love her so much I can’t think of not jumping through her hoops.I did win her first giveaway and it was more fun. Please forgive me if I upset an apple cart.


  2. I didn’t know BK had ice cream – we did used to stop sometimes on a Summer evening and get a $0.25 cones (years ago) at Mickey D’s is we were out running errands. Calder’s cones and Bob-Jo’s frozen custard were heavy if you’d already had a big meal, but this lovely soft-serve ice cream … always had room for that. I laughed at the hollow spot, despite the perfect curl on the top that Dairy Queen would give an “A” for.


  3. Had my first experience with Dickies in Sierra Vista, AZ a few months back, great food. The boys are certainly fine Conehead craftsmen. No Dickies in a land where it’s thought Food Lion is a gourmet dining experience.


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