Days with Wings

The second week of daughter Kate’s vacation flew by, not that the first was at all slow. Several times we sat on the front porch, rocking and talking. I wanted a good photo of her face. This was the best.

071718 Kate closeup.JPG

Kate helped us walk the neighbor’s dogs many times. I never thought we had glow-in-the-dark grass in the neighborhood, but the lawn in the background almost matches John’s T-shirt.

071718 Kate and John walk Abbie and Dolly.jpg

Grandson David loves pretzels, and I remembered to put them on the table one evening. He fished out one, and it came with its own decorations.

071718 Dangling Pretzels.JPG

One evening son John $ came to spend the evening with us. Oh! How the laughter rolled! A year or two ago, he and our grandsons had a pick-up conversation that continued every time they were together. It began with one of them saying in an over-drawn, posh English accent, “That reminds me of the hunt.”


The three of them were really into it at the dinner table. Kate had been shrieking with laughter, but she paused when I snapped the photo. $ said something outlandish which had David almost spewing his dessert. Since Nathaniel looked still, I presume he was thinking of a perfect comeback. It was one of those times you’d like to wrap in magic paper to preserve it. At least we have this photo as a memento.

071718 The Hunt conversation

27 thoughts on “Days with Wings

  1. Another delightful insight to your lovely family, Anne. Sister and I recently reflected on how I’d annoy our assemblies by taking photos, but now appreciate the snapshots.


  2. Oh aren’t these fun times. Years ago we lived on the mountain in Mentone, Ala. Our son and his girlfriend came up from Fla. and we had one of those sweet times. Our neighbor the next day said ” Ya’ll were really having a good time”. I had to ask if we kept them awake but they said no they enjoy families having fun. Good thing because we were pretty loud laughing.

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  3. It’s so good that you always have your camera handy at these family gatherings or just around the dinner table Anne … always great to look back on these fine memories.


  4. Kate looks adorable Anne. A shame her two weeks is at an end. I have to ask, how did son John get the nickname Dollar or am I misreading that? Are you able to detatch the camera at the end of the day or is it a permanent fixture now? Have a lovely sleep followed by a Great Day.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    1. Son John’s cousins were 4 years old when he was born. His name is John Spencer, and the twins called him John Spensive, as in expensive. I began to spell his middle name $pencer, shortened to $. My dad remembered an old cartoon strip and called him Johnny Dollar. That strip was before my time.

      I don’t take the camera to bed with me, although it does spend the night on the bedside table.

      Kate left this morning, and John and David drove to Tennessee. Tonight Nathaniel and I are enjoying the quiet.

      xxx slothful hugs xxx


  5. Kate is a bit of you. She is having a good time as we can see- almost being a little girl again. I can almost hear the laughter that came from your house during this short visit.
    I like Nathaniel’s pose as he thought of a retort( ??)- is that the word ?
    The dog walking must be such a responsibility for you all- glad you had these fun times.


    1. Retort was the right word.

      We worked the dog walking in with what we were doing. We nearly always had two people doing it together, so it wasn’t bad. Luckily, we never forgot about them! There is an outdoor cat, too, that required little care.

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  6. If you hadn’t told us that was a photo of Kate I would have thought it was you Anne. Thanks for sharing your fun times. That type of laughter is good for your health. 🙂


  7. Days with wings – what a lovely and apt title for your post Anne! I was smiling as I was reading it – and still am! There is a strong and lovely likeness between you both!


  8. “The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.” Many are making a $ off that quote, it is so true. In all my homes as a youngin and now the elder at the table, we gather. I thank the good Lord for my memories to still tell old tails, on occasion with embellishments of course. Thanks for giving us a seat at your table my friend.


    1. It’s the embellishments that bring the laughs. I was very happy to have you at our table. It would be so much fun to have you and your wife at our table in real life.


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