Mountain Wish 

One of the things daughter Kate wanted to do was go on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s about 15 minutes from our house, so it was an easy request to grant. That’s probably why we left it until last, making me a bit nervous. We waited for grandson David to get home from work. Late afternoon was a wonderful time to be up there. The sun hit at an interesting angle, and most of the tourists had left for the day. One of my favorite places is Looking Glass Rock. The outcropping shines reflectively as the sun shines on it when it is wet or iced.

071818 Kate David at Looking Glass Rock overlook.JPG

A zoomed image shows the rock.

071818 Looking Glass Rock zoomed.JPG

I spotted fancy wild flowers, colored a bit like tiger lilies. The blooms looked as if they had been turned inside out.

071818 Turk's Cap Lily near parkway.JPG


The internet provided a closeup photo and the name – Turk’s Cap Lily.



Earlier in the day, Nathaniel knew where to find a ruler when the subject was the width of a hand span. Kate’s hand on the ruler might be a bit smaller than mine. I envied Nate’s from the time he was 12 years old. Reaching octaves on the piano would have been so much easier if I’d had an extra half inch. Now his hand spans a whopping 9.5 inches. Can you imagine what it would be like, instead of stretching, to contract your hand to fit an octave???

27 thoughts on “Mountain Wish 

  1. Love the lilies like Turkish caps. I recall the Blue Ridge Parkway when we traveled there as children. Hand span for a pianist is important. I could reach ten keys but only by playing them on the edge. Now our son has piano playing hands and did Rachmaninoff justice at one of his later recitals. Enjoyed the post! Happy music making weekend.

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      1. Most of my music groups have a break until early Sept. The church choir sings on. We used to recite parts of the Mass instead of singing them for the summer and sometimes we still adhere to that, even with the new Pastor. Next summer will be different since both my husband and I will sing with the Berkshire Choral International in Prague Aug. 4-11, 2019. How about you? Do you take a break?


        1. Choir will resume for John in September. I’ve been cooking and looking after guests all summer, barely having time to keep up with the blog. We have another month with the grandsons here, and they’ll head for college. I plan to take a day off in September.

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          1. We need days off. After all, God rested on the 7th day. With our weather these days, I have had to water the new plants in the garden and the bushes after the latest round of landscaping. I want to take some time off as well. Yes, a retiree needs a change of scenery. I thought Maine or a mountain cabin. Remote and rural sounds pretty good about now. Time to simply BE and recharge the creative batteries before the 2018-19 rehearsal season begins in earnest. Enjoy your company.


  2. Those flowers were pretty, never seen any like that. Love the shot of the mountain. I have a large handspan for a short girl. I used to play the piano a little, but my true love was the guitar. I gave it all up long aho though.

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  3. 9.5 inches- that is great. I am wondering if that will help with measurements while cooking. Does he play the piano too- as you said, it would be really helpful for a pianist. Do pianist’s fingers grow longer and thinner with playing ? I used have a classmate who played the piano and she had the longest most beautiful fingers.
    The Blue Ridge Parkway as usual looked dressed at its best. Loved the upturned lilies and its orange colours- true fall colours, maybe ?


  4. What a great view of a beautiful area…lovely flowers too. A span of hand at 9.5 would be terrific. I love the photos of your family.

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