Dog (and Cat) Days of Summer

The day before daughter Kate went home, she and grandson David posed for a portrait, as formal as you can get with three animals. We were walking Shawn and Bob’s dogs while they were away for an impromptu family reunion. That afternoon I sat on the porch reading. David soon came back with Emily, the oldest who doesn’t walk far. The little black and white dog sprawled contentedly on the porch beside me.

071918 David Kate with dog friends.JPG

I saw Jasmine, the outdoor cat, walk across the lawn. She had something alive in her mouth. You wouldn’t believe how quickly I moved to shut the front door. What if she wanted to present her catch indoors??? She set it down, nudging it first with her right paw and then with the left.

Her prey was dead. She fixed me with a steady gaze, and I received her unspoken message. “My name is JAS; MINE is the victory! Don’t you dare touch it!”

071918 JasMINE.JPG

Earlier in the week someone drooled over fudge in the supermarket. I shot down any idea of buying it, because Kate insisted on paying for everything in the cart. Old Miser Me said we shouldn’t buy something we could make ourselves. We were running out of time, so on the eve of her departure, I made fudge. When my arm was tired from beating it, Kate took a turn. She handed the pan to serious Chef Nathaniel for his opinion.

071918 Chef checking fudge.JPG

David beat it, too, posing as the frenzied chocoholic waiting for his fix.

071918 Kate David stirring fudge.JPG

We each had a piece, our cravings satisfied.   For the moment.

45 thoughts on “Dog (and Cat) Days of Summer

    1. Actually, the animals were at home. We were on their porch. I know what you mean, though. I think they are quite used to us now. As to the fudge, we just had a round of one piece each before bed. It could last three more days. Then, maybe not.


      1. A predator perhaps? When I was at the nature preserve where they had the eagle in the enclosure, they had put his meal on a tree stump in the enclosure. A freshly killed white rabbit. I was sorry I looked down at the floor of the cage. It was not bloody – I guess they figure people might get sick seeing that, but flies were all over it. I would not have wanted to see the eagle eating the rabbit, so I left shortly afterward.


        1. I prefer to think it was not Jasmine that ate the rabbit. We always made sure there was cat food in her dish, as per instructions. I wouldn’t have wanted to see the eagle eat the white rabbit, either.

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          1. No, sometimes are best left unseen. My friend Carol feeds and tends to several feral cats and she has said for her kindness to them, she often receives a dead mouse at the base of the entry door to the house on the deck near their shelters. Ugh.

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  1. Anne
    I could eat some fudge too but I would not be able to stop with one piece. Is fudge bought from the store very costly.
    I wish I had three dogs to take care of. Why can’t Emily walk longer? Because of the heat ?
    The people and dog portrait came out well.
    Jas is a great cat- she seems friendly too- the way she is looking at you in the eye, straight and honest with her prize for you. Good you closed the porch door in time. She doesn’t belong to Logan too, does she ?


    1. It’s easy to stop at one piece of fudge, only because social/family pressure would make you feel like a pig for taking more. To me, fudge is expensive. I didn’t look at the price in the store; I assumed it was much cheaper to make it at home.

      Emily is 17 years old. Last year she walked to the stop sign, but this year she tugs to go home when she gets tired.

      All the animals belong to Logan and his parents. Jasmine always comes to us for petting when we are on her porch. She’s a lovely cat.

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    1. Even with all the help beating, I poured the fudge a little too soon. Result: it is still very soft, but highly meltable in the mouth. If you stole a piece, there would be evidence on your fingers.

      I miss your words and your grandchildren’s photos. Just for the record!

      xxx Fudgy Hugs xxx


  2. Fudge, Yum! Chloe came in today howling and at first I thought a neighbors dog managed to get through the doggie door, but nope it was Chloe. I searched for her knowing that any howl from her meant she was announcing her own victory and sure enough. A little kangaroo mouse came bounding from my bedroom! I captured it in a red solo cup to show hubby later. Once she saw I had it, she was satisfied.


      1. Oh, it got better. We saw another kangaroo mouse being pulled into a spiders web. The spider was doing it’s best to reel it in. ( We have a canyon behind us so we are thinking there must be a new brood, but even so, it’s the first time we’ve ever seen them here.) Finally, Chloe caught on and snatched the spiders prey, heading for the house before I diverted her. It was fascinating though to see the spider working hard to get it. It was a large spider, possibly black widow?


  3. Great post, evenly divided between things that make me drool (chocolate) and things that make me cringe (dead rabbit). 😀 Oh, and just a big CONGRATS, btw, to Kate, who apparently did something right in encouraging her boys to COOK and BAKE!!!


    1. I laughed that Kate might have done something to encourage her boys to cook. She doesn’t cook. David doesn’t, either. I think he will when he has to. Nathaniel would rather cook than eat!!! We have no idea where that came from.

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