Reconnecting with Logan

Our grandsons were happy to play with neighbor Logan (8), but the summer flashed by with little contact. Logan was busy, and our boys were working. Finally, the day Logan went to school to meet his third grade teacher, he came over to visit. After sitting with us while we ate, Logan discussed the merits of toy cars with John and grandson Nathaniel. We noticed he had grown and matured over the summer.

081718 Logan John Nate look at hot wheels.JPG

Logan joined our twitchit family! I noticed bodies shifting and looked under the table. You have one guess to identify Logan’s feet.

081718 Logan joins the twitchits.JPG

Logan asked if I had an apple he could feed the horses. DW took his half easily, but Vixen repeatedly knocked the apple out of Logan’s hand. The camera made the catch. Can you see the apple in midair?


Logan rode with John to take Nathaniel to work and came back to play games with us. We couldn’t find the checkers, so the boy beat me playing Tic-tac-toe. David told me years ago that he knew how to win the game if he went first and played in the middle square. Logan learned that this afternoon. I insisted he go first all the time. After a few rounds, he explained the strategy which went right over my head. We played a few more games so that it would be set in his mind, no matter where I played. I never realized I would measure success by how often I lost.

19 thoughts on “Reconnecting with Logan

  1. How sweet is the bond your family has with Logan! Are you his godparents? Perhaps you should be! And yes, he sure seems to have grown! At least an inch if not two, I’ll bet!!


      1. Ah. Yes some people have the knack, don’t they?! My son is like that. No kids of his own, but they seem to sense his calm nature. Me? I’m good with dogs – and most cats!


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