What Big Feet You Have!

John told what happened when neighbor Logan (8) came over several days ago. He saw

040118 Shawns pic of Lily and Logan (2)

shoes on the floor and was amazed at the size.

Logan said, “Those shoes are so big. Whose are they?”

John replied, “Nathaniel’s.”

“What size are they?” he asked incredulously.

John said, “Size 14 or 15.”

Logan said a bit wistfully, “When my feet grow a little more, I’ll be size one.”

081718 Shoes of Logan and Nathaniel.JPG
Shoes of Nathaniel and Logan

38 thoughts on “What Big Feet You Have!

  1. I remember wanting big feet when I was like ten or twelve. Feet generally give you and idea of how tall a person will be, but not always. Like when I see a puppy with big paws, I know he is destined to be a bruiser. Same with kids… generally. I didn’t get that tall. LOL


      1. I hear you. I started out at just over 5’2″ inches and I’m 5′ 1 1/2 inches, so not too bad. Better than I expected. I always wanted to be 5’6″ by granddaughter is nearly 6 feet.


    1. I’ve never seen Nathaniel go barefoot, so he must manage to buy shoes. Last summer we took him to an outlet shoe store, and they had nothing in his size. We went in the first shoe place we came to in the mall, and he had choices. I think there are so many tall people now that bigger shoes are “in” and available.

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      1. I remember an old boyfriend was 6’5″ and had a lot of trouble with everything from shirts and pants to shoes. He had to shop in specialty stores. If a store has the word specialty in the title, it means it costs more! 🙂


    1. He missed the bus this morning on the first day of school. Shawn stopped the car to say she was surprised the bus came so early. At that, she passed us again on the way home, so it didn’t take long to drop him off.


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