Fine Dining Gone Awry

Grandson Nathaniel baked an apple cake to share with his coworkers. He made a small one for us with the batter that didn’t fit in the big pan. We felt that special food deserved to be showcased, so we served it with china and silver. Nathaniel brewed coffee into a silver pot. He posed for the photo as he cut the cake. All was going nicely at that point.

082018 Nathaniel cuts apple cake.JPG

All went well until he poured coffee for himself. The top of the coffeepot formed a seal, keeping the liquid from pouring. Not knowing that, he tipped the pot a little more. Coffee spewed into the saucer, as well as the cup. Luckily, it didn’t spill onto the tablecloth. Having no wait staff to clear away the mess, Nathaniel dealt with it without getting up. Setting the cup on a napkin, he poured most of the coffee from the saucer back into the cup. Redneck style, he cleaned the saucer. Of course, we all laughed and joked about the etiquette of fine dining.

082018 Fine dining gone awry.JPG

Below is the out-take shot. The real action took only a few seconds, so Nathaniel recreated the scene by pouring more coffee in the saucer. You can see the smile still on his face. He and grandson David have always been willing participants in preserving family memories, even at the expense of their dignity. They make life with the old folks so much fun.

082018 Dining incident recreated.JPG

39 thoughts on “Fine Dining Gone Awry

  1. I had an uncle who drank from a saucer. I had never seen that before and just stared at him! You grands keep you entertained. And they bake for you! Win-win! I love apple cake.


      1. Yes because he asked if I ever seen that before. I was a little kid and I said no, my mom (his sister) would never let us do anything like that! He laughed and said it cooled off faster.


  2. You have had plenty of blog post fodder from David and Nathaniel this Summer. Clearly they inherited their humorous outlook on life from their grandparents and we have been treated with quite a few smiles, even though it at their expense.


  3. Your grandsons’ sense of humor is so exactly like my sons! I always credit my dad with that gene but I may have to take a bit of credit for it also.
    Love that grin on Nathaniel’s face!
    You have a couple real treasures in those grandsons!


      1. 😱can you imagine that.I hate people with no sense of humor and I can’t really rely with them.
        I must say my youngest had not much of it but it is coming,most of time as sarcasm but she can be so funny at time and I’m so proud😀


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