Logan’s Unflagging Energy

Neighbor Logan (8) came over to visit, and we got a good geriatric workout. He was looking for something active to do after reading a book with John. His eyes lit up when he saw the red balloon in my hand. John and I remained seated as we batted the balloon around, while Logan was on his feet. I’m always surprised at how much energy it takes to reach out for a wild shot or kick the balloon up from the floor. I missed a few as I aimed the camera, trying to catch the action.

083018 Logan John batting a balloon.JPG

Logan didn’t miss a thing. His bare feet were slapping on the hardwood floor, running first one way and then another. He made dramatic saves to keep the balloon from touching the floor, something like a man sliding into first base. It was amazing that he didn’t run into furniture or slam into a wall. The balloon was a blur in this shot, taken without a flash. Logan was a blur to us as long as the balloon was in the air.

083018 Balloon blur.JPG

When John called for a break, Logan played with a radio controlled truck left out on the credenza. He made it zip around and under every piece of furniture in the room. For added excitement, he put the balloon on the floor and herded it with the truck. To our delight, the balloon moved in unpredictable ways.

083018 Logan plays with radio controlled truck.JPG

Logan’s parents will be pleased to find out that he said without prompting, “Thank you for having me.”

42 thoughts on “Logan’s Unflagging Energy

    1. We have Nerf guns, water pistols, balloons, sodas, computer games, TV, granola bars, and jigsaw puzzles. Also, there are no children his age nearby. I think we win by default. Logan will one day outgrow us, so we will enjoy him as long as he wants to come over.

      xxx Energetic Hugs xxx

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  1. My grandchildren love balloons too. We once made paddles out of paint stirrers from the hardware store and paper plates. Oh, the crazy fun we had with the paddles and balloons. When we were tired we rubbed the balloons on our hair (it was winter) and the static helped end the fun by keeping the balloons out of reach for a while on the ceiling. Fun times…thanks for bringing back that memory.


    1. What a good idea to make paddles for playing with balloons! You are very creative. We’ve now had two generations (grandsons and Logan) that have had balloons stick to the ceiling. The boys climbed on John’s shoulders to get them down.

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  2. I’m impressed. You did well to get the photos of the balloon in the air. I’ve tried a few times to get pictures of balls and other objects that have been thrown with little luck.


  3. Phew! I was puffed out just reading, Anne!

    “Thank you for having me” … Ohhh bless his beautiful little heart. What a delightful little chap he is. (I went all squishy when I read that final line of your post).
    Sending much love to you Anne. ~ Cobs. xxx


  4. What fun!! I don’t know if anyone already suggested this, but it looks like Logan is ready for volleyball! Does his school have any after-school activities, e.g. athletics like volleyball, soccer, badminton (he’d be good at that too!), basketball, tennis, etc.? Or is there anything like that available in the nearest town for him? He’s got energy to spare – maybe it would be good if his parents could sign him up for something, to channel it all!


    1. Logan has played basketball with a team after school and loved it. I was surprised that they did not lower the basket for these young kids. He also plays soccer. I hadn’t thought of volleyball, but he’d be a natural, wouldn’t he?

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  5. Hi Anne, I’ve been waiting eagerly for your next great post. Ooh, there’s nothing quite like a good old play with a humble balloon! My Sarah and I play with them all the time and it brings such giggles to both of us, even though she’s now a ‘moody teen’ 🙂 Thanks for sharing your fun pics so we could have a visual of what you are so fondly describing. xx


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