The summer season ended for us today when grandson Nathaniel left for college. We had the mirror ritual after breakfast. All summer the mirror had been set for Nathaniel, high on the wall, hanging on a hook from the former owners’ clock. He was the one who moved it, and I was the recorder of the Mirror Rite.

082718 Mirror summer position.JPG

Now it is back where everyone but Nathaniel can use it. Well, he could check his torso, not his face.

082718 Mirror moved at end of summer.JPG

Nathaniel has always been known for light packing. Grandson David didn’t take the kitchen sink to college, but he did have a refrigerator. These photos contrast their styles.

One last photo – ready to go!

082718 Nate ready to leave.JPG

54 thoughts on “College!

  1. David and Nathaniel…I feel I know them! I love the photo showing the contrast in their packing styles. I have so much stuff…I’m just like David! Sweet post…you have an amazing family. (We have a very tall grandson too…only 12 and almost as tall as his father.)

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  2. Never mind, it will soon be Christmas and the mirror can be moved again. Poor thing must be getting quite giddy. They won’t be gone long enough to miss them.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    1. Thank you very much for the hugs and best wishes. I teared up a couple of times for both boys. The worst part for me is the day before they leave. You’ve heard of having a heavy heart. I must have that, because I feel dragged down for a day until they actually leave. I’ve done some cleaning and am listening to music. It all helps. It’s going to be odd not coordinating meals with work schedules.

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        1. I hadn’t thought about being an empty nester again. It’s different with grands. I guess I didn’t expect to have them leave our house for college. I thought they wouldn’t have had much to do with us after entering high school. We are VERY blessed to have had them so often.

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    1. Oh! But this time he drove only 2.5 to 3 hours!!! Nathaniel is going to school in Charlotte. The summer flew by, and it was a wonderful one to remember. We have lots of photos!!!


  3. You’re going to miss him!!! I laugh at the mirror ritual because most places I go I can’t see into the mirrors. I end up going days not knowing what I look like🤣


      1. Lol tell him he is very lucky he gets to move the mirror! No one will let me as they say they don’t need to see their belly buttons


  4. I wonder what his first school “creation” will be Anne? Do you remember taking home ec back in the day and made such delights as “cheesie weenies” and were proud of them?


        1. We sewed an apron and a blouse. I certainly wasn’t ready to be a homemaker, but that course changed my life a bit. Four years later my mother suggested I might like a sewing machine for my birthday, rather than an outfit or so. From then on I sewed all my clothes until we moved to England in 1980. I stopped because it was less expensive to buy ready-made clothes than to make them myself.

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          1. I think I mentioned before to you that I started as I had long arms and legs and they didn’t sell clothing in tall sizes back then. I think everyone used that same Simplicity shift dress pattern and had some type of calico print.

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    1. Nathaniel settled into his room yesterday. His roommate must have gone to summer orientation and will probably arrive on Wednesday. Oh! That is tomorrow! Things will move quickly, I suspect. Today he is being measured for his uniform. It seems they are as strict about appearance as his BOCES program.

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      1. Hudi had to do that, too. Apron and cap if I’m remembering correctly. Maybe dark pants as well. Can’t remember. And a nice knife set.


    1. The little noises got my attention, like when those long legs jostled for real estate under the table. John was in on that, too, always portraying himself as the innocent party. I could hear sock-clad feet sliding on the floor as they smiled benignly at each other. Sometimes the pushing caused a chair to move. All fun! Both are missed!

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