Face Time with Logan

Neighbor Logan (8) came over and asked if he could stay with us while his parents went to a meeting at their church. Of course, we were delighted. He and John played two games of checkers until we heard a storm approaching. The boy was very patient with me and the camera. I tried to focus on the bullet-boy as he ran on the porch, and he rushed up with a big grin on his face. I’m going to keep the image handy whenever I want to be infected with laughter.

090918 Logan's smile  in your face.JPG

Logan ran one of our radio-controlled cars as we waited for the storm. He put it up to his face to feel the wheels spinning. I caught the smile, but not the action.

090918 Logan runs a radio car by his face.JPG

We first heard the heavy rain, and then watched as it approached from the mountain. For a few moments it was raining on Logan’s house and not ours. The fellows continued to throw a tennis ball back and forth until it escaped into the dripping bushes. Logan was all for chasing it, but John stopped him with a simple no.

090918 Logan tosses ball with John.JPG

Our ritual for a visit with Logan is hiding a granola bar for him to find. When we first began three years ago, he would ask for help after five seconds of looking. These days he is more observant and keeps hunting. I warned that this one would be difficult to find. Can you see it? It’s on top of the fire extinguisher.

090918  Cookie jar and hidden granola bar.JPG

Logan looked everywhere with his eyes before he began to climb on the counters. He moved things gently and searched thoroughly. I avoided looking at him, knowing my eyes would be tempted to glance at the hiding place and give the game away. He finally asked if I would tell him how high it was, which I indicated with my hand At last he ran toward us at the other end of the room.

“I found it!” he exclaimed. With bewilderment he said, “There are three others in the cookie jar.”

The response in my head? Aaaauuuggghhh! That had been my hiding place for all the bars since grandson Nathaniel found Friar Tuck in an antique store. Logan also spotted the bar I had hidden. It’s back to square one for Anne!

42 thoughts on “Face Time with Logan

  1. Your photo looks like Life in a Goldfish Bowl Anne.I’mm sure I’v never come across such a friendship with such an age difference before but it’s real enough Logan obviously adores you both. It must be like having an extra grandson or maybe you look on him as your BFF. I like the Hide n’ Seek game but you’re going to have to be much more inventive now.
    Happy Monday when you wake
    xxx Weekend Over Hugs xxx

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  2. That was one point for Logan( perhaps four). Did you manage to get the three hidden bars back from him ?
    I think you should title him as ” grandson Logan” in future posts. Did the storm bring down the temperature?

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    1. Amazingly, Logan did not pick up the three bars he left in the cookie jar. He did inform us of them, perhaps hoping we would relent and give him more. We didn’t offer. We have not had the relentless heat and humidity that other parts of the US have had. Our storms generally make the air cooler for a few hours, and we accept that gratefully. As a general rule, we do not suffer from heat here unless we work for hours in the midday sun. We are blessed, indeed!

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    1. If Logan is unhappy, he doesn’t usually show it to us. We were amazed that he did so well both times he stayed with us while his mother was having her knees replaced. I guess he stayed three or four days both times, but he was in school all day.

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    1. That’s so funny, yet so true! I remember always finding a tin of chocolates hidden away in my mum’s wardrobe behind her sweaters at Christmas and I think my daughter doesn’t know my hiding places, until I find the wrappers in her bedroom. Like dogs indeed! 😊

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  3. The granola bar idea is great! I used to hide a small fairy all around the house for the grandchildren to find. They were so young they believed she flew from place to place while they were gone. These kinds of games keep me young!


    1. Thank you very much for that advance warning, Lee. I had heard about the German pickle before, not knowing it was fake news. We’re dealing with fresh cucumbers given by neighbors right now, not pickles. Do you hang a pickle on your Christmas tree? We have lots of ornaments, but I think we’ve escaped the pickle so far.


      1. We have a Pickle and a Mail Box that holds $$$. Various amounts of change, paper $, ensures visits from the Grands, John $ should stop by if ever in the area that time of year. It looks like your and this area may get some much needed rain. LOL-NOT!


        1. I’ll tell son John $ he has an invitation. He hardly ever leaves the region, being addicted to the mountains. You’d never know he was a boy born in NY.

          We should have rain this afternoon, but I’m not sure if it’s from the hurricane yet. One family has said they will stay in SC and not come to stay with us. The other family hasn’t declined yet. They live on an island off SC and could be evacuated. I’m praying for them, because they own a deli that got wiped out with the last hurricane. Hope you don’t get too much rain. It’s going to be interesting to see who gets what.

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  4. Ha, ha – he was not too short to peek into the cookie jar. Now, remove the granola bars from the cookie jar, and instead put a piece of paper which is really a “hint” for where you have hidden the next granola bar.


      1. Then you are already a pro Anne – I think Logan is inquisitive and would get a kick out of it. I think it would be fun and first, he gets a hint in the jar (after getting over being crestfallen there are no granola bars in the Friar’s jar) and then he will keep on going. Try one treasure hunt for Sweetest Day (October 20th) or Halloween. He’ll be telling you years from now how fun it was, just like your kids.


    1. Please, please do come to visit! Tell me what y’all like for surprises, and we’ll see what we can do. Oh, it wouldn’t be a surprise then, would it? Rats! Come anyway. It’s our turn to host.


  5. That’s cute, hiding the granola bar! My kids and I used to do something similar, with the added clues of “you’re getting warmer!” “Cold!” “Colder!” “Hot!!!” etc.


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