Mamaw, Where did You Come From???

I was shocked to see a photograph of my mother’s mother in the newspaper. Mamaw died at age 89 about 39 years ago . Why would her likeness be published in a paper 450 miles away? John had already seen the picture and remarked on it. Brother Bob agreed that it looked much like her.

Look at these photos to see my real maternal grandmother in her early 80s.

7107 Mamaw at 81 Lise.jpg
Mamaw at 81 with our daughter Lise


7306 Mamaw at 83 Kate.jpg
Mamaw at 83 with our daughter Kate

Do you agree she looks a lot like Sadie Berry below? Sadie still works five days a week in Swannanoa, a town out from Asheville. She turned 100 years old the day after Labor Day.

090918 Looks like Mamaw.JPG

Sadie is roughly 18 years older than Mamaw, as pictured. People really do age well these days, don’t they?

28 thoughts on “Mamaw, Where did You Come From???

        1. You would like John’s mother’s statement. He had made a flippant comment about old age being a terrible thing. She said, “I wouldn’t know about that.”

          At the time she was almost 90 years old. He said, “Mom, what stage of life are you in?”

          She said, “Advanced middle age.”

          We laugh every time we tell it. She lived to be 93.

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  1. They say everyone has a doppelganger! I never met my great grandmother; she died before I was born, but my grandmother’s face was as smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom. She attributed it to Noxema cold cream every night before bed for decades.

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    1. Mamaw loved us and let us know it. Our other grandmother did, too. I feel sorry for people who didn’t have a chance to know their grandparents. Three of John’s grandparents died before he was born. Did you know yours?

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      1. My maternal grandparents, yes. We weren’t all that close though. Mainly around holidays. Oh many Sundays too. But there was a language barrier. They spoke mostly Yiddish which I didn’t know. They had a smattering of English. My dad’s parents died before I was born.


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