Wake up, Logan!

I checked the time as I approached the bus stop on foot, and neighbor Logan should have been there. Having flubbed in not waking the family a couple of days ago, I tried to call. It is a notorious dead spot for my phone, and sure enough, I was not connected to the cell tower. A message on the screen said “emergency calls only”. As Marla came out of her house, I asked if she would be able to contact them. She thought a text from my phone might go through, but it wouldn’t. She dug out her phone and texted. I didn’t see their car go by, but maybe I missed them.

I was amused at myself that I expected a miracle from modern technology.  It’s good only if you are able to connect to the outside world.

24 thoughts on “Wake up, Logan!

    1. The family overslept a few days ago and wished I had called them. It didn’t work today. I haven’t heard what happened. There is always the possibility that there is a school holiday or the student is ill.

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  1. Sighing as to modern technology sometimes … many years ago I recall my mom wrapping up two dimes in plastic wrap and telling me to always carry them somewhere in my wallet or my pocket in case of an emergency. One thin dime to make a telephone call at a public phone in those days and the other dime was in case you were rattled and dropped the dime onto the floor, you had a spare. 🙂


        1. Marla’s text about Logan’s bus went through, and woke Bob up! He didn’t recognize her number and went back to sleep. Marla and I thought it was amusing, but I will be VERY careful before I try to wake them up again.


  2. I love when technology works but it drives me crazy when it does not! This morning we were without electricity for a few hours due to snow and tree branches on the lines. No technology so we were happy for old school technology of wood stoves and propane camp stoves.


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