Odds and Ends

Niece Julie is not odd, but I had three things to write about, thus the title. Julie came for five days to enjoy mountain living. She was working on weekdays, sitting at the desk that looks up the mountain we live on. John was at the train club, so it was special for me that we could chat when she took breaks from work. We posed for a quick selfie before going to church.

101418 Julie and Anne.jpg

Neighbor Bob made a frame for the painting he and Shawn had given us, and he and his grandson Sufi brought it over. Can you see Sufi under the red balloon?

101218 Bob framed the painting and delivered with Sufi.JPG

I must take a good picture of the painting when we hang it on the wall. We love the frame. The color goes beautifully with the painting, and I like the way Bob used the grain of the wood to enhance the art.

Marla decorated the sign that is on their property, as she does every year. She accepted my dare of posing with it, along with dog Albert. The picture is not the sharpest, but it is fitting. Marla reminds us every so often that morning is not the best time of day for her. I’m sure she is better in the morning than I am at night. We are not planning a contest.

101318 Marla and Albert with her decorations.JPG

24 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Can’t wait to see the painting when it’s on the wall. Love seeing Marla and Albert, and how fun that you got to spend time with Julie!


  2. I wondered when I saw the pic on the floor if that was some new decorating style that I hadn’t seen. Am happy to know the pic will go on a wall… where it belongs… in my humble basic decorating opinion.

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  3. You and your niece are much better at taking selfies than my hubby and I are! Yours looks great. Ours always make us look goofy! I must practice. Beautiful painting!


  4. Anne,
    I loved neighbour Marla’s pose behind the two straw farmers- she is very creative with her decorations- gives the place a very whimsical air. I love neighbor Albert too- he seems very accepting of everything that happens around him. I do wonder why dogs in the country need to be on a leash.
    Niece Julie’s visits do make you happy.


    1. The first three years we were here, we had one neighbor come for treats on Halloween. I think there were several last year. I always buy PLENTY of candy to hand out and am usually still eating one piece a day until the end of the year.


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