Thanksgiving Fun Continues

We looked like a normal family having Sunday dinner in a restaurant. John, daughter Lise, and grandson Nathaniel posed before we ordered, thinking that would satisfy me.

111818 John Lise Nate at Firefly.JPG

I was content with one photo until the end of the meal, when we became boisterous. You know how it goes – one funny story leads to another until everyone is howling. Lise brought up Nathaniel’s childhood mispronunciation of DVD, which he called Dee Va Dee, and it caught me off guard. For the first time in my life, I spewed water halfway across the table. Lise and Nathaniel could no long contain themselves, and that had to be pictured.

111818 Lise and Nate convulsed in laughter when I spewed water.JPG

A bit later, grandson David texted me the link to the concert from his college in New York. We pulled up the live stream shortly after it began. He was in the very middle of the choir as they sang Handel’s Messiah. His mother Kate was in the audience, though the camera never moved to show the people.

111818 David in the middle of the choir singing Messiah.JPG

Niece Julie was here with her house-mate Patty. We had some break-the-rules pie before supper. Yes, this crazy family sometimes starts a meal with dessert. An hour later we noshed on cheese and crackers amid much merriment. At one point, Lise had tears rolling down her face because she laughed so hard. I predict we are going to sleep well tonight.

111818 Adding Julie and Patty to the fun.JPG
Julie, Patty, Lise, Nathaniel, and John

20 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Fun Continues

  1. There is nothing wrong with a harty laugh even in the middle of a posh restaurant. There isn’t enough ‘fun’ in the day and age but your family may be changing that. Good for you and yours. Happy Thanksgiving to the mountain bunch.


  2. Great post Anne. I loved hearing about the Dee Va Dee and your reaction…we have words our sons said that we still use today in honor of their precious baby years. What great smiles you captured with your photos.


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