The More the Merrier

John’s sister Barbara, with husband Thom, arrived in the afternoon. We made the most of the time, chatting over dinner and all the afternoon. By suppertime, we got into serious laughter as we told story after story. Some were new, and some were old, but all got their fair share of laughs.

111918 Table of laughs.JPG
Lise, Patty, Julie, John, Barbara, Thom, Nathaniel

Grandson Nathaniel prepared eggnog for us, having gotten milk, heavy cream, and spices while shopping with his aunt Lise. It was a wonderful kickoff for Thanksgiving dining. He donated his pecan pie for dessert, and we polished it off.

11 thoughts on “The More the Merrier

  1. There’s nothing nicer than having a good old chin wag with friends and relatives round the table.Especially if accompanied by a bit of egg nog. I guess the pecan pie was already history at that point.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    1. The pecan pie vanished in a trice. Actually, there was one sliver left, and we all insisted Nathaniel have it. We’ll polish off the eggnog tonight. It would be so much fun if you were here to share it.

      xxx Thanksgiving Hugs xxx


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