Our Favorite Chef

Things were quieter with only five of us in the house. Grandson Nathaniel began making his treat for Aunt Lise, and I was amused at the way he checked the cake in the oven. I would have opened the door and leaned over, but he had a better view by kneeling.

112018 Nate checks cake in oven.JPG

Nathaniel put warm chocolate mint cake in a snifter, topped it with ice cream, and presented it to John and me. What a treat! Lise and Julie missed that, because they hadn’t gotten back from taking Patty home.

112018 JC N warm cake with ice cream.JPG

The next day Nathaniel modeled his uniform from school (Johnson & Wales). He wore checkered pants, white jacket, and white apron. The dark green around his neck denotes a first-year baking and pastry student. The students are required to press the apron with a sharp crease in the front, and it must be pristine. The jacket must have a crease in the middle of the back and creases on the arms.  Pockets on his sleeve hold a pen, a Sharpie, and a thermometer.  One of the most-used rooms in the dorm is the laundry room, one on every floor. The school provides an ironing board for each room.

112118 N uniform for school.JPG

Nathaniel prepared the chocolate frosting and used a bit of it to pipe some roses, which he let us eat.


Here is the cake with its mirror glaze.

223229 Choc mint cake with mirror glaze.JPG

43 thoughts on “Our Favorite Chef

  1. How fun! And I like that they have the pomp and circumstance of the uniform, designated for each level of schooling. Very interesting that they are almost military-like in how they want their students to look. I am excited for Nathaniel going through this course of study. I’ve never seen a cake with a mirror glaze – you can see yourself in it! This was a very enjoyable post Anne.


  2. Hmmmm….I’m going to have to start watching for him on some of my favorite cooking show competitions. Everything he makes looks amazing.


          1. I am usually so tired at night I must stop…I usually sit and do two or three things at once while I watch. I also have a television in the kitchen and when I cook…an everyday thing for me to do…I often watch the Food Network. I love it.


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