32 thoughts on “Wordless Difference Between Autumn and Winter

  1. Back in our daycare days we took pics of the same tree to teach the kids about seasons. I think the decorated box with trees behind it is more fun.


      1. I’m glad to hear it. I hope my sister in High Point fared well. Last we heard it was eight inches high. I need to get off the computer and give her a call.


          1. I tried calling and she didn’t pick up…I’ll try later. If electricity went out she might not have any power left in her phone.


    1. Yes, both the round photo in the post and the header were taken Sunday. The post belongs to neighbors, and they took that one. Neighbor Joyce took the header shot of our home when she went to her house to get her dinner to heat up. We were the only ones with a generator, so our microwave was working, and our toilets were flushable.

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