Instant Friends

I knew if we ever went to the eastern coast of Maryland, we had to meet one of my favorite bloggers, Rooster (Lee), and his wife Mary Agnes. The opportunity came as John and I planned a trip to New York. As usual, we could not loiter. I wrote Lee that I’d set a timer for an hour for our visit. Well, we were late. I texted where we were, and he replied, “43 miles away. Be safe, clock starts in 10 minutes, will be a short visit. LOL!” We had no idea we’d be laughing before we ever met them.

Have you ever met people with whom you have an instant bond? We were at home with Lee and Mary Agnes as soon as we got out of the car. What a marvelous time we had! That dratted timer went off way too soon.

121418 Mary Agnes, Lee, John.JPG
Mary Agnes, Lee, and John

For an hour or so after we left, I savored the visit while John drove. Every once in a while, I’d ask, “Did you hear what he or she said about….?”

First of all, we got a quick run-down of their children, grandchildren, and great-grands. Lee held a portrait-sized photo and explained everyone. That was a marvelous beginning, because we then knew who they were talking about. A photo family tree is a real treasure.

I couldn’t begin to recount all the things we talked about, but I loved hearing stories of the ten years they ran a bed and breakfast place in that little farming community. Both were working full time, as they catered to guests who were there about 350 days out of the year. They never once had a guest that they hoped would not return. The stories were marvelous, and we were spellbound. Woven through their narrative was a haunting tale that you’d need to hear first-hand to appreciate. Mary Agnes told Lee he needed to write the stories, and I know he’d do a beautiful job.

Lee’s blog address is

37 thoughts on “Instant Friends

  1. I can easily see that you and John could visit virtually any state and meet up with someone you’ve made a connection with. Heck, it could be virtually any country. You have such easy going natures that people find you easy to get along with.I’ll set a long timer for anytime you’re passing this way and the kettle will be on.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    1. The weather was good until Sunday. It rained much of the day, which didn’t matter when greeting old friends at our former church. We thought there was going to be snow as we headed home, but we had rain instead. Not complaining!

      Mary Agnes and Lee were marvelous. I wish I could have listened to them for HOURS.

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      1. It sounds like they had many stories to tell from your post … glad you had a safe trip there and back, given this time of year and the fractious weather. We had 43 yesterday and colder today but clear until Thursday night and maybe some snow Sunday into Monday.


              1. Brown and gray are not nice snow colors – I agree. I hope what we get is just a dusting and it is gone soon. I did not tell you what has happened to me Anne. I have somehow done something to my arm – I don’t know what – and from researching and Googling around, I would think that I have rotator cuff tendonitis. My mother had the same thing years and years ago. We went to physical therapy every night for six week and they used a TENS unit on her and the hot packs and after the physical therapy was over, we rented a TENS unit which that prickly needles sensation that it gives is supposed to help your neck/shoulder muscles, plus we used moist heating pad and it did not help. So, this just started about a month ago – in the Summer I was finding it difficult to pull the car door closed. I am struggling to get into my coat and instead of putting in the right sleeve first as I’ve done for decades, I have to bend my body to the left side and slide into the left sleeve. I am using cold packs on my arm and a heating pad but it is about the same. For me, the Winter driving weenie, this is not a time of the year for this to happen and in fact was just on the phone with Robb as he drove home as he was asking me some questions about it. He suggested a stretch band and I’m going to look for one and see if that works. But back to the snow … Jeff paid for a month of snow removal services (should have been the whole Winter in my opinion) and it was the month of December. We’re not having snow until Sunday night. I have signed up for snow through March 31st, but on a month-to-month basis … last year we had snow until mid-April. I’m hoping a month or even two of babying my arm will help immensely. But I have to tell you that I think it is from sitting so many hours at the computer at this kitchen table. I am going to move to my bedroom now where my old laptop is … I am thinking of using a booster so I have to stand up. I have a lot more pics I took to upload. Before the blogging really picked up, I would write 3-4 times a week, but on the weekends, just to write the blog post and then done. I never had any followers except Marge and Ann Marie, my two e-mail subscribers, until last November and the blogging did not pick up until late Spring/early Summer. I figure I am here 12 hours a day and in the same position and truly think I messed myself up in my posture. Time will tell but I’m working on this to get myself back to normal once again.


                  1. Thanks Anne – I have no idea what I did to myself but I am pretty sure it is sitting here so many hours. Robb leaves on vacation tomorrow to Mexico and returns Friday, December 28th in the evening. So, I am going to get a little break. This is the first time he’s gone on vacation and left me no work in at least 18 months. So, I will check in throughout the day for e-mail and voicemail, every two hours, which is not a hardship as I will be here all day anyway – have some holiday blogs I still want to write, have one to do tonight, which I started after he left and have to go back to it. But hopefully I can get away some of the evenings over the next week … and not be on here 12 hours a day. It is painful when I move certain ways so trying not to move that way, though getting into a coat or PJ top … have to slide into a sleeve and no way around it … going to ice and heat my arm and hope for the best. I have to tell you that in the last month I first met the woman with dementia, same age as me and it was very sad and a high school classmate’s breast cancer has returned (third time) and has 7 spots of cancer – I think to myself, this is not a life threatening issue, so I’m just going to deal with it – I’m mad about the snow and wish it had happened in the Summer.


                    1. Thank you Anne – I really need it … I don’t get vacation time for myself since he considers me part-time (paid for 4 hours; but actually work 6 hours) each day. I hope I don’t get the mail and find any tapes … I doubt it though. I will probably spend most of my daytime hours at the computer, but I need to organize myself a bit, not only in my computer (I have pictures and thoughts everywhere – I’ve not had time to organize them) but in the rest of my life as well. I feel like I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants since Summer. 🙂


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