New York Adventures

Before breakfast John’s sister Barbara and I took a short walk from her house to an overlook where we could see Long Island Sound. I had a bird’s eye view of the harbor where I walked for 20 years. John joined us, and as we walked back, an old friend stopped his vehicle and hopped out to greet us. It was marvelous to see Dave. Another man strode past, carrying his newspaper. I was glad to see him alive, because I used to see him reading his paper as he walked near the grist mill. Evidently, he didn’t run into anything that killed him after we moved away.

121518 Dave Smith, AM JC.JPG
Dave, John and Anne in Stony Brook

We had breakfast with niece Tonja at the dining hall of the boarding school. She is head of the lower school on campus, where she is expected to be visible and available much of the day, including Saturday.

121518 Tonja and Barbara.JPG
Daughter/mother Tonja and Barbara

David’s roommate went with us for our Manhattan adventure. Daughter Kate met us on 5th Avenue, having driven in from her home in New Jersey We walked to the back side of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, knowing we didn’t have time to push through the crowds at the front.

121518 Rockefeller tree, back side.JPG

We passed a display of a replica of the star on top of the tree, and I took a picture of our group in that area. I was surprised to find a reflection of the ice skating rink above their heads.

121518 JC Justin Kate David BA Tonja.JPG
John, Justin, Kate, David, Barbara, Tonja with reflection of ice rink at Rockefeller Center

Hiking back to St. Thomas, we had seats near the front for the service of lessons and carols.

121518 St Thomas altar.JPG

I should never be left with a camera and time to kill. Our group is shown in the pew, waiting for the service to begin.

121518 In St Thomas Tonja BA Kate David Justin.JPG

As we inched our way down 5th Avenue in the car, I took a photo showing the front view of the tree in Rockefeller Center. The crowd was still as thick as could be.

121518 Rockefeller Center tree.JPG

There are pictures of store fronts with light shows on the facades of the buildings. New York is really spectacular at Christmas.

27 thoughts on “New York Adventures

    1. Thank heavens we don’t have any family feuds! I can’t imagine picking a fight with a single one of our relatives.

      David is with us. We have about 10 hours of driving today.

      xxx Driving Hugs xxx


    1. Sharing is such fun. We used to go to evensong at St. Thomas several times a year when we lived on Long Island. David went with us when he was just a toddler, and he still loves it. This was HIS weekend, and he chose to go to the service of lessons and carols.


        1. LOL! I know what you mean. We had dinner in mid-town, and the waitress was very personable. She served us well and made our meal special. On the street, people who whacked us with their bags and backpacks apologized!

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