I took a photo in the kitchen, intending to use it to thank Chris and Steve who had given me a marvelous apple whomper several years ago. This gadget cores an apple and cuts it into wedges. The unusual part of it is a hinged bottom that pushes the apple all the way through the cutting edges. Because it works like a charm and we eat apples often, it was sitting on the counter. I was about to put three eggs on the counter for our breakfast, and I had the brilliant idea of keeping them contained on the apple gadget. It worked like a charm. The eggs made no attempt to escape, and we had a happy breakfast.

Fast forward to lunchtime. Instead of using the method that worked before, I put one egg on the counter and thought it was secure. I had never had an egg roll off the counter and didn’t expect it to happen then. As I put the egg carton in the refrigerator, I heard a splat on the floor behind me.

That renegade egg sought freedom in a desperate way and is probably now cavorting with Humpty Dumpty. There were no king’s horses or king’s men at hand, so Mistress Mehrling stooped to the lowly job of cleaning a large egg off the floor. She will publicly thank the apple whomper for its service and reward it with a permanent home on the counter if it agrees to be the egg corral from this day forward.

35 thoughts on “Egg-splosion

  1. lol I had my own egg moment this morning. I boiled 4 eggs and when they were done I pushed the lid back a bit and drained the water. Then I put the lid on and shook the heck out of the pan and in a jiffy the shells were off and I had 4 perfectly peeled eggs. Everyone probably knew how to do this but I didn’t. very eggciting news!

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  2. Not often, but on occasion, with eggs from the coop in my pocket, one will break. This happening is caused by a variety of things, Ben our dog, a windblown screen door or just clumsy me. Besides being broken-hearted, I must rinse out the pocket from the Orange-yellow goo dripping there. Cheers

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  3. I’m laughing to myself at our parallel worlds this week. I took a photo of an apple in the apple slicer AND I broke eggs for photos. I decided I needed a crisper apple and trashed that photo and I’ll have the egg ones up next week. When I saw the photo I wondered if you were going to chop hard boiled eggs with it πŸ™‚

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  4. I think this is going to sound like humble bragging, but here goes… I’m so lucky to have a remodeled kitchen with granite counters that are perfectly level. Eggs don’t roll off them. Ever. It still amazes me that I can set an egg on the counter and it stays where I put it. Who knew that could happen?

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  5. Most of my eggs are renegades and wish to be liberated. Many of them roll off the granite counter, like the wayward gingerbread man. I feel for you Anne.
    When an egg falls off, I mourn for it often thinking of the how much it cost me and what a waste it was. Sunshine does not help me clean up. It must have been a very bending job to get it all off that beautiful floor without leaving a smell.

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  6. I’ve had them roll off the counter…there’s even a slight rise at the edge, but somehow that Humpty-Dumpty impulse does take hold and they go over and down.

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