Nathaniel’s 41-hour Visit

Grandson Nathaniel had a long weekend off from college, but he needed to get back early for his work-study job. We crammed a lot of visiting into the 41 hours that he was here.

We were given a marvelous gift from blogger Linda – a jigsaw puzzle made from December photos from my blog. What fun it was! We talked as we put pieces in. Even John found a few pieces, and he is known for never finding any.

Nathaniel and David working the jigsaw puzzle

As usual, we tended to do most of our talking around the dinner table. David had to work both days Nathaniel was here. We all had breakfast together, and later we sat with David as he ate dinner when he came home. Both days we wandered around consignment shops with Nathaniel. He loves looking at vintage wares and often finds marvelous treasures. This time he bought nothing, and John and I brought home seven little items. Four were Christmas-themed, marked down after the holidays.

Stars of the Christmas jigsaw puzzle

Before the three fellows set off to take Nathaniel back (a five-hour round trip), I asked them to pose with the puzzle. Any excuse for a photo! I’ve always longed for a Christmas puzzle to work in December, and now we have it. I predict this will be an annual event that we will look forward to.

28 thoughts on “Nathaniel’s 41-hour Visit

  1. How are puzzles created ? Is there a place where pictures are put on cardboard and cut into shapes ?
    What a marvellous gift and start to a new tradition.
    It is great the two boys were there with you now.

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  2. This is so nice Anne and the picture of the boys working the puzzle brings back happy memories of my mom working her puzzles at the table – how nice John joined in the action as well. It turned out nicely and how great you got the stars of the puzzle to pose with it. That just extended Christmas time a little longer for all of you. Too bad that Nathaniel had to hurry back for a school-related project as he could have enjoyed a few extra days of the long MLK weekend.

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      1. That’s great that John goes to get Nathaniel for a few hours away from school and with family – it must make Nathaniel feel pretty special. A 41-hour respite, then back to crackin’ the books again.


  3. That’s one cool puzzle. A five hour drive roundtrip you say? Sounds doable, especially when you get to spend some [as they say] quality time, puzzling away, with your loved ones.


    1. Grandson David and I were talking about jigsaw puzzles, and I lamented the fact that there are no religious ones for sale. The Christmas pules all have Santa. I hadn’t thought of having one made, but it could be done if I had a photo I liked. Thanks for the idea.


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