In Cold Blood

Cold-blooded as he is, grandson David went outside to look at the eclipse of the moon. It was billed as a super blood wolf moon. It had started, but he didn’t see the total eclipse or the reddish hue that came later. We would have missed this if neighbor Marla had not posted a picture of the super moon from her house earlier in the evening. I saw the moon about to set when I got up the next morning. The camera caught it as it waved goodbye behind the mountain.

Setting of the super blood wolf moon

Cold was the name of the game. It was 9F (-12.8C) when we walked and 8F (-13.3) when we got back from the creek. When we chatted with Marla, walking Albert, John said, “I’ll bet Logan (8) won’t be wearing shorts today.” In a few minutes we would find it was worse than that.

When we reached our driveway, we heard Logan on his porch. The boy ran out in his pajamas, put food in the cat’s bowl, and stopped to pet the cat. We called out to hurry because of the extreme cold, and we could hear his bare feet slapping the boards as he ran back to the front door. We don’t need any official contest to know we have an Iron Boy living across the street.

25 thoughts on “In Cold Blood

    1. David and I would have missed the big moon event if I hadn’t read about it on Facebook. If we still had the newspaper delivered, I would have known. Other than things like this, I don’t miss all the bad news on a daily basis.

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  1. All that fresh snow on the slopes, and too cold to go out and play…Ah well. Can’t believe you braved a walk in it. Well done! I think it was -8 when I got up this morning. Now it’s up to 4.

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  2. I think you must all be iron people there, some go out moon watching in the cold, some slap around in bare feet and pyjamas but others go out walking in the cold without a care in the world.
    xxx Massive Super Warm Hugs xxx

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  3. I would have missed the blood moon too but thank you for the picture of the moon saying good bye behind the mountains- just like he was saying- until next time then.
    Logan and his cold tolerance- very much admired and appreciated.
    But your persistence in walking through this cold is appreciated too. Hope the horses are warm.

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  4. I have a theory, explained to me by a mother of boys, that until they’re 18 they don’t feel the temperature. That their confused male minds don’t even register it, so need worrying about what they wear outside in the cold. Logan would be an example of that theory.


  5. Moon set was beautiful … Logan will be one of those folks who take the “Polar Plunge” into a cold body of water on New Year’s Day for charity, or just for the heck of it. 🙂


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