Icy Jaws and an Amusing Sign

Because temperatures were in the teens at night, ice formed near the little stream close to our house. I thought the ice looked like jaws. We walk over the stream most days, and I always look at it. In a dry summer, the stream is reduced to a trickle. Thanks to plenty of rain this season, it is flowing well.

David expressed interest in walking around Biltmore Village. George Vanderbilt built a church and homes for his workers outside the gates of his vast estate. Most of the houses have been turned into shops, offices, and restaurants. Our favorite was the Christmas shop, where a lively young lady welcomed us as we entered. She said Merry Christmas as if it were Christmas Eve.

We ate lunch at the Corner Kitchen. The house was built about 1895 and has an interesting layout now. The open kitchen is in the original part of the house. We walked by it going to the addition, which houses the main dining room and bar. David and I went upstairs together to the restrooms. The first one was off the landing, and it had a sign that said a second restroom was up a few more stairs and around the corner. I laughed at the sign and had to have a photo as a souvenir. It says, “The Other Restroom.”

The Other Restroom

23 thoughts on “Icy Jaws and an Amusing Sign

  1. I need to add Biltmore Village to my list of things to do while in Asheville (hopefully, this summer at some point). My mom will be retiring (well past time, in my opinion) there the beginning of the next year, so I’ll be in the area a lot more often. As always, I love your stories and the love and humor which emanates from them.


    1. At the mall, you have streams of people.

      We got rained on this morning when we walked. By rights, it should have been snow, since we’ve been promised it for hours and hours. We finally got snow, and now it has moved on. I see blue sky on the horizon. We love walking in snow and got cheated out of it today.

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