Logan’s Pronouncement on Valentine’s Day

We were just going out for our walk at dawn when neighbor Bob pulled the car to the front of the house. Logan (8) came tearing out, wearing a bright red jacket. He was bouncing so much, he appeared to have pogo sticks for legs. John called out to Logan as Shawn walked sedately to the car. Logan thought he asked where they were going, and he shouted mid-bounce, “We’ve got a conference at school!” Jump! Bound! Twist! Jump!

The boy ran over to our yard as John repeated his statement, “We were going to ask if we could catch a ride to the bus stop.”

Logan stood still for two seconds and said, “No! That would be cheating!

Off he bounded to fling himself into the car before his mother could buckle her seat belt.

We are still chuckling.

After school I texted Shawn to see if Logan could come over for his Valentine. He and John graciously posed with the balloon.

021419 John and Logan.JPG

John took David and me out for an early lunch in Waynesville. because David was to start work mid-afternoon. That worked out beautifully. We were the third group to be seated in the Sweet Onion. When we left, people were waiting in the lobby, glad to see us go.

On the way out, we paused to wish an older couple Happy Valentine’s Day. The man wore a red blazer and red bow tie. His wife had a lovely red and black top and wore heels. They giggled and admitted they felt a bit overdressed. They had gone to a funeral in the morning, and he changed into the red jacket which he’d left in the car. What a delightful couple! I wish we could have gotten to know them.

There was just enough time for us to pose with our family balloon before David went to work. We had spoken or exchanged greetings with all our children, as well. What a lovely day it was!



Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

48 thoughts on “Logan’s Pronouncement on Valentine’s Day

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Anne and John.
    And yes, that would have been cheating. Children are great for being honest- sometimes brutally so.
    We went out to lunch with daughter 1 – had great times.


    1. Thanks for praying for me. I prayed for you as I passed the pasture where sheep had been. There was a chance of rain this morning, and it looked like rain was falling on the mountain. I did half a walk, timing it right to be at the bus stop when Logan was there. He must have jumped the ditch 30 times before the bus came.

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  2. Anne – Your sweater is perfect – not just for Valentine’s Day, but it also matches the family balloons. Those are great pictures of you and John and John and David and of course Logan with his own personal balloon. You captured it all – the images of Valentine’s Day at the Mehrlings.


    1. Logan keeps us amused. Our son did daring things when he was little. Thankfully, he rarely hurt himself. He did NOT have the energy Logan has. We are not used to Logan’s extreme exuberance. Your boys must have been live wires and kept you hopping.


  3. What a nice Valentine’s Day. I had lunch with a friend the day before and we spoke to an older couple sitting beside us in the restaurant. They told us of a story when he was deployed overseas in the service. She carefully picked out his Valentine’s Day card to send to him. When she received his, he had picked the exact same card out for her. I thought it was the sweetest story. Logan is growing so fast! I would love to have his energy.


  4. It looks like you had a wonderful Valentines Day. I like all the red. Somehow I forgot that it was Valentine’s Day when I got dressed for work that morning, and wore a black outfit. When I got to the office I was immediately teased (in a friendly way) about not wearing red.


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