Logan had a Ball

Neighbor Logan (8) was bouncing a ball with a steady rhythm. He dribbled up and down the street, playing by himself. I thought that was a good time to fetch the mail, and I made sure the camera was in my pocket. His handling of the ball was impressive. He could dribble, throw it a distance, and recover it as it tried to escape. I was amazed when he proudly showed me that he could dribble through his legs. Wow! He agreed to trying a video, and he waited for me to say go before he moved. He’s a team player!


22 thoughts on “Logan had a Ball

    1. LOL! Logan came over after dinner that day, and he and I had a fierce battle of balloons. I sat in a chair, and he was bouncing off the walls returning my wild shots. He will fall and slide on the floor to keep a balloon from hitting the floor. I wonder when this will become an Olympic sport.

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      1. He will be 9 in May and is in the third grade. Oh goodness yes. He and his sister both play UpWard basketball at the First Baptist Church in Philadelphia. Ms. and he and two sisters play baseball /softball during the summer. He used to play soccer but with 6 kids under 8 I think their mom had to decide what was on and what had to be left out.


        1. Logan’s birthday is in June, so they are close in age. Logan is a Baptist, but I don’t know if there are sports teams at his church. I wish he had a friend like your grandson. There are no children in this neighborhood, so he often plays alone.

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          1. UpWard is out reach program, really good godly teaching through sports. My grands live in the countryside too so only friends are are at school. No one close to home. Poor Gabriel has 5 little sisters to keep in line. haha


  1. I looked at the video before I read the post, and I thought he had a watermelon at first. Totally threw me off when he started dribbling it. hahaha. Well done, Logan! And nice cinematography!


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