Asheville Tourists

We enjoyed being tourists in Asheville. At the beginning of our walkabout, we paused for a photo with the iconic iron.

022519 D N Iron in Asheville.JPG
Grandsons David and Nathaniel

It was a marvelous day to be in the city, because there were not many people about. An herb and spice shop was the only one we spent much time in. The walls were lined with large glass jars full of fragrant powders. The owner said we were welcome to open any of them to smell. John and I sniffed a few, but grandsons David and Nathaniel really went to town.

We ended up in the Arcade, a large old building full of small shops. We had lunch there and could watch people stroll by and look at the merchandise displayed by vendors outside. It was a wonderful day of being together and enjoying each other.

022519 D N JC eating in Asheville.JPG

20 thoughts on “Asheville Tourists

  1. Generally speaking I don’t like irons, but that one in the pic is an exception. Maybe because I know there’s no way I could be expected to use it on any piece of clothing.


  2. Looks like the weather was sunny and beautiful. We have, or I should say had, a spice store at Eastern Market in Detroit. Went to send you the link to show you that it was the tiniest store and said they had every spice imaginable and would dare you to find one they didn’t carry and they’d get it for you at no cost. That’s all good, but apparently they went out of business. Maybe giving the store away too much. 🙂

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