Duck Dinner

Grandson Nathaniel loves a challenge, meaning he is willing to cook anything you desire. John had a longing for duck, and Nate was eager to please his granddad. My photo of the two of them does not show off the food well.

022619 Nate John duck dinner.JPG

We sat down to a meal of duck, orange sauce, beet salad, and Nathaniel’s raspberry sorbet. The naked duck looked defenseless in the roasting pan but improved with cooking. The meat was good and provided a reasonable background for Nate’s fabulous orange sauce. He created the sauce and said he should write it down. Indeed, he should! It was the best meat sauce I’ve ever eaten.

Carving the duck was not easy. John provided vocal support as Nathaniel worked with it. The real problem was that there wasn’t much meat. That scrawny duck grudgingly gave us four skimpy servings.

022619 Nate carving duck.JPG

The beet salad was both lovely and tasty. He roasted the beets, coated them with a light dressing, and added spinach and pecans. I’ve always been fond of beets, and his dish was superb. I’m looking forward to leftovers of that.

022619 Beet salad.JPG

The raspberry sorbet provided the perfect ending to the meal, along with his fresh-ground coffee.  Oh!  How blessed we are when Nathaniel comes to visit!

24 thoughts on “Duck Dinner

  1. He loves coming to you and he loves cooking. He doesn’t seem to find it a busman’s holiday at all. It takes something to generate that much love in a grandchild that he’d rather be there than anywhere else. What an example you set these youngsters.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

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    1. We’ve been close to the boys since they were born. Now they are both based in NC, and we are thrilled. They may not find permanent jobs here, but we are going to enjoy them as long as they are here.

      xxx Grand Hugs xxx


  2. Nathaniel is honing his craft by cooking you and John (and David when he’s off work) wonderful meals and appears to be enjoying himself.. You are indeed blessed to have him there on his school vacation.


  3. Wish I could have looked at your duck dinner by being a fly on the wall. I would love to have the orange sauce recipe too- can you share it some time after Nathaniel writes it down for you ? Did he create it on the spot or is it something he learnt at school? Yes, duck is scrawny. My grandfather could eat only duck meat out of all the birds and it was a delicacy in my grandparents’ house, to be made only for Easter or Christmas. Duck stew in coconut milk was one of their delicacies. I remember that there was no meat on most of the duck bones then too. And did the raspberry sorbet last so many days ?
    The beet salad looks interesting. What was the dressing ? Did it help to cover the earthy flavor of the beets/

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    1. Nathaniel was going to write the recipe for the orange sauce for himself. I didn’t think to ask for it, but I should. It was something he made up that day. The raspberry sorbet was very intense, so we didn’t eat much at a time. We still have a little. I think the dressing for the beets was a very mild vinaigrette. I love beets, so I was glad the dressing did not cover the taste of the vegetable.

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    1. The beet salad had both red and gold beets. Both tasted good, but I think the red ones had a bit more taste. I’d never had a roasted one before. Perhaps the taste was more concentrated, since the vegetable was not boiled. Nathaniel made a very light dressing for it that enhanced the taste rather than overpowering the beets. He threw in spinach and pecans for texture and eye appeal.

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  4. All of the delicious food is making me hungry and giving me ideas. I am a mediocre cook at best, but my Mike (thankfully) makes up for it. He loves Cajun style and once tried making a turduckin, which was really quite tasty (my first taste of duck). The beets look lovely and yummy!


  5. Yum! It all looks great. I love beets too. Did you know carrots and cauliflower come in colors as well? I learned that when I signed up to have fresh veggies delivered. So of course, I had to try them.
    One of my first dinners when I first got married was duck and orange sauce. It turned out perfectly. Fortunately I had this great old cookbook that walked me through the whole meal, including the menu plan. It called for chocolate mousse! I got each of my girls a copy when they married. LOL


    1. I have seen different colored veggies, but I haven’t tried them. Having fresh ones delivered must be a fun experience.

      That’s great that your duck dish was successful. What a great thing to do — giving your daughters a copy of your favorite cookbook. Would you divulge the name of it??

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      1. It’s called “the Modern Family Cookbook” by Meta Given. It is basic, but has Menu’s Equivalents, and many other useful tips…and to give the era away, the final sentence of the introduction C. 1942-1961, says, ” Mrs. Homemaker, this book is your book”. Mine is held together with duct tape and stuffed with loose sheets of recipes I like from over the years.


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