Using and Losing a Cell Phone

David had an unusual use for his phone. I said goodbye to him, and a minute later he called me. He asked, “Could you come and get the neighbor’s dog out of the garage? I need to get to work.”

As David backed out of the garage, the small black dog ran in. David didn’t want to shut the dog in the garage or leave the door open. As soon as I walked out, the dog followed me, and everyone was happy. The dog is a new visitor to our house. Her owner is a neighbor I haven’t written about. I never met the man, and he died in December. We’ve seen the pretty little dog sniffing everything in the pasture and running about the area, but only recently has she come to me. I pet her once or twice, and off she goes again.

John’s phone was the one that was lost briefly. He had been working on the train tracks at the club and had not realized his phone dropped out of his pocket. He would have been greatly concerned if he had known it was missing. The four miles of track are on the side of a mountain, and there are several huge trestles and bridges in the layout. The phone could have been anywhere. It could have dropped in a 20-foot ravine or been lying on the ballast.

Two women in the club walked along the track for exercise. They found John and asked, “Is this yours?”

They were holding his phone. His hand went to his pocket, which of course, was empty.

“How did you find it? I didn’t know it was missing.” he said.

“We were walking and heard a steam engine. The sound was coming from the phone between the rails.”

They were amused, and so was I when I heard the story. A year or so ago I put a ring tone on that phone that has the sound of a steam engine blowing its whistle. The pharmacy happened to call to let John know he had a prescription ready, and that’s when the ladies walked by it.

26 thoughts on “Using and Losing a Cell Phone

  1. No self respecting dog would be part cat. If it were it would have to find itself chasing itself all the time. I’m glad to hear the dog has a home and hasn’t been loose since his master dies in December. he phone story is a hoot, real serendipity. I’m glad John and his phone were reunited.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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        1. Wow! Wouldn’t that be fun to have a special blog ringtone??? I’m sure I wouldn’t hear mine. I always yearn for silence when I’m writing. It would be the sound of silence. No. Wait! Maybe a blogger’s ringtone should be an air raid siren so that everyone would dive for cover and leave us in silence and peace.

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  2. Wow! That was quite fortunate for John. It’s such a hassle replacing one and all the info one carries in ones phone these days. Good for the whistle.
    As for the little dog… hmmm you said the owner died? Who is caring for it then? Sometimes animals are a good way of making friends.

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      1. Oh, thank God. Does she look starved ? Good you live in a rural community where time runs slow. I am glad the dog is not locked in while the woman works. Thank God for good neighbors.

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  3. Funny stories Anne – good thing John leaves the phone turned on, unlike me who has it off all the time, and if I really needed the darn thing in a hurry, like an emergency, I’d be twiddling my thumbs waiting for it to come to life! That’s great you found that ring tone for John – do you have one of piano playing for your ring tone?

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    1. I used to have the stream engine on my phone, but I lost it after an update. I like to play the piano. It’s odd that I don’t like to listen to a piano being played. I have only standard ringtones.

      My phone lives in my pocket. Neighbors and grandsons text me often, and I wouldn’t want to miss them.

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      1. I had the same cellphone for years (2002 to 2015) – easy to use and then AT&T no longer supported 2G phones and I had to get a new one. I think I told you I got an inexpensive smartphone and it dropped calls – ended up getting a flip phone. I don’t know how to use it, except to call out. I never get calls and mentioned this to a fellow walker at the Park one day. I also said I only knew how to text from my computer – I don’t talk to anyone on the phone except Robb and that is the landline. So, she takes my phone and played with it a few minutes and said “now go read the book and see how you can text by speaking into the phone” … I’ve never done that and it’s been about 18 months … I don’t text from the phone as I communicate with friends via e-mail or Facebook. I have a load-as-you-go phone. I buy $100.00 of minutes a year and roll over my minutes. I need to recharge the phone every week or so, so I call my landline for about 15 minutes, then recharge the phone. When I call, the phone speaks out my phone number. It’s all too much for this dinosaur. If you ever change your mind on a ringtone, I think you should use this one (the Theme from Peanuts):


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