“It Didn’t Hit the Floor!”

Neighbor Logan (8) visited with us after school. Among other things, he read to John, helped pick up sticks and limbs in the backyard, played for a limited time on the computer, and batted balloons around with us. One game is to bat the thing around, trying to keep it from touching the floor. Logan made the most dramatic rescues, flinging himself to the floor under the balloon and shouting, “It didn’t hit the floor!”

The balloon whizzed from the front hall, past the fireplace, into the kitchen, behind the table, and came straight at me. In hitting it, my hand caught the lamp shade, and the lamp began to topple. In a lucky save, I caught it. Immediately Logan and John shouted, “It didn’t hit the floor!”

030719 Logan reads to John.JPG
A quiet moment — Logan reading to John

20 thoughts on ““It Didn’t Hit the Floor!”

  1. Sounds like an exciting game and I love the picture of the two of them reading together! I wasn’t able to comment on your newer post for some reason, but it looked like a very special celebration–best wishes to JT.

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