Reconstructed Rind

I had a tough mandarin to crack, so grandson David started it for me. He often peels his in a circular way, ending with one spiral piece. I said I would do it that way because he gave me a good start. As he peeled his, he said, “Cousin Anders is awesome at this. You should see him do it.”

After I ate the innards, I put the shell back together, not terribly successfully. Now David is really good at balancing things and fitting pieces together. His fingers are calibrated to a finer precision than mine. Can you see that his rind is smirking right into his hand? Mine turned its back and had a squinty-eyed scowl.

Thank heavens we quit when we did. If we’d squeezed them to make them talk, who knows to what silly depths we would have fallen.

031519 David's orange and mine.JPG

31 thoughts on “Reconstructed Rind

        1. All of us love mangoes, Anne. It is a tropical fruit and very sweet if you get them at the correct time and ripeness. They must be available in your markets too. It is an art to be able to peel a mango without losing any of the fruity goodness.


  1. You are lucky to have a grandson to peel your mandarins for you! What a nice thing to do. Why did I not discover mandarins before this year? They are my new go-to snack!


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