Snowboarding with Chrissie

Niece Chrissie wrote about enjoying the slopes and taking me with her down the mountain.  Snowboarding by phone was tremendous fun, but I had no photos to share.  Click here to see her post about our shared adventure, Part 1.  She includes pictures of David and me, as well as one of herself.  If you continue to Part 2, you can see videos she and husband Chris made last November and yesterday.  Here is your chance to go down the mountain just like I did!

Chrissie is the one who encouraged me to write and helped me set up my blog.  This has added another dimension to my life, and I am most grateful to her.

12 thoughts on “Snowboarding with Chrissie

  1. Well it looked liked such a clear day you must have enjoyed it vicariously.David looked ready to tackle the real thing. I owe your niece a vote of thanks for suggesting your blog.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. I’ve heard of snowboarding but never seen it done. I’m a chicken … I could not even do the “Bunny Hill” but Chrissie made it look effortless in all of the videos and what a spectacular view going down the mountain. I’d have to shut my eyes and that would not work out well. 🙂


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