Choir Tour from Sheboygan

Our church hosted the Sheboyan Lutheran High School choir and symphonic band. This large group from Wisconsin was fantastic. The first half of the program was choral, and the second was instrumental. The choir had phenomenal diction, better than many professional groups I’ve heard. Their dynamics were astounding, responding to every movement from the director’s hands. They sang their entire half of the program from memory.

The band was equally good. I had never heard any of the pieces before, and they were outstanding. There was one that I found absolutely entrancing. We all enjoyed watching the performance, especially the percussion section, as they rushed about using various instruments.

We brought home four girls for the night and enjoyed talking with them. We had a snack before going to bed, and the girls graciously agreed to pose for a photo.

032619  Sheboyan Lutheran High School choir girls.JPG

Because we live far out of town, breakfast was at 6:30 so John could get them back to the church. They sang for the school chapel service before continuing on their tour. If this group ever performs near you, go hear them! On this tour they sang in Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

21 thoughts on “Choir Tour from Sheboygan

  1. We had such a tour come to our church in Alabama. They were absolutely amazing! I was so impressed. It made our choir seem so amateur and we were very good for a small church choir..


  2. How nice to be the Hostess with the Mostess! Many years ago The Royal Marine Band from Great Britain was performing in Hartford, CT, on St Patrick’s Day no less. We hosted their Drum Major following the afternoon performance. Being Irish, and this being St.Patty’s Day, Mary Agnes served Irish Stew, Lamb base of course. Our Drum Major made no comment, ate ravenously and uttered not a word of descent. This was during the time of the Troubles between the Republic of and Northern Ireland. Peace on this day in the home of the Rooster. Take Away: All come together with food.


      1. I did’t realize that – I was not active in the choir in church as I was too young. I don’t think youth choir was that young for me to be in it. I always went to church with the neighbors as my mom didn’t drive and my father said Sunday was his day to sleep in. I was packed off to Presbyterian Sunday School and then Baptist Sunday School, but I am Catholic (never made my communion or confirmation though). Hope you are enjoying your respite.


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