Visiting Other Mountains

Niece Chrissie came bounding out when we drove in. Nephew Chris joined us as he finished his snowboard run down the mountain. They love their mountain retreat in the Berkshires, and we enjoyed seeing it. One of the first photos I took shows Chrissie and grandson David with the ski trails behind them. A few days ago I went snowboarding down one of those trails via cell phone with Chrissie. That’s the safest dangerous thing I’ve ever done.

032919 Chrissie David near chair lifts.jpg

Chrissie has a stand-up desk in their condo for work, but when she wants to be in a larger space, she goes to the lobby or sits on the porch. I wanted photos of her unusual work spaces.

They served us a lovely lunch, after which they swam with David. The fellows chatted in the hot tub, and I took a picture of Chrissie and David in the heated pool with snow on the ground behind them.

032919 Chrissie and David in the pool.jpg

We had a quick photo session before we left, souvenirs for us to keep.

I found this a most satisfying visit, catching up with this special couple and seeing how they live. I was looking out the window as we drove toward New York. We passed some very expensive homes in exclusive areas, and we saw glittering Manhattan from the Whitestone Bridge. I thought how blessed they and we are to live in the mountains of our choice. We don’t need the trappings of success to be very happy with our lives.

51 thoughts on “Visiting Other Mountains

  1. Anne,
    I loved the last sentence. To be able to live in the mountains of your choice is a blessing indeed and success is not measured with expensive homes or locations or even success. A good reminder for me!

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  2. The place looks lovely and the heated pool glorious.They’re obviously content with their mountain as you are with yours, both surrounded by beauty. No-one could ask for more than that.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx


  3. Aww, that looks like y’all had a wonderful visit! I would love to see her stand up desk, I wish I could afford one of those, figuratively and financially. I’m glad the cold doesn’t bother you, it allows for some great pics!


  4. What a wonderful trip. I loved what you said, “That’s the safest dangerous thing I’ve ever done.” It made me ponder what the safest dangerous thing I’d ever done was… I’m still not sure!


          1. It’s warm skiing. No heavy clothes although today’s ski clothes are way different from back in the 70s and 80s. My friends who skied always enjoyed it but most of the skiers were ready to move onto summer sports by the time spring came around.


  5. “We don’t need the trappings of success to be happy with our lives.” I love that quote, Ann–it’s so incredibly true! Right now, we’re in VA, soon to cross into WV on our way to Ohio. I miss my mom and want to get a hug in person. It’s little things which make me happy with my life.


  6. I enjoyed watching Chrissie’s snowboard ride in the recent posts, but seeing this post is a real treat … what a view, inside and out, and the hot tub with the beautiful background.
    What more could a person want?


          1. I’ve never seen a chipmunk – I mentioned that to Kate Crimmons and a fellow blogger who has a “following” of chipmunks where she lives in Portland, Oregon. They are cute little critters.


  7. Oh my, the heated pool in winter, that would be heavenly to me. We love being able to swim in winter. It’s such a treat. What a lovely post.

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  8. The day was a complete treasure. I’m having a hard time writing about it in my own blog since it was too wonderful to put into words for me.


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