Old Stompin’ Grounds

Traveling to our old home area, David kicked back and made himself comfortable in the car. He pulled the front seat back and draped his legs over it. I couldn’t have slept that way, but he did. It improved my viewing area, as well.


033019 David selfie in car.jpg

We are staying in the home of John’s sister Barbara and Thom, although they are away on vacation. John and I walked at dawn and were pleased to find Dave and Dennis parked at the harbor where we used to visit with them. It was marvelous to see them and hear them say nothing had changed. I took a picture of the old Game Cock Cottage across the water. There were no vibrant colors at that time of day.

033019 Stony Brook Harbor at dawn.JPG

I always enjoyed the mill pond area and took this quick shot of the mill in the distance as we walked past.

033019 Grist Mill.JPG

John checked ahead with friend Ruth to make sure our former choir was still rehearsing on Saturday morning. As the others came in, we got a laugh with the story we concocted. We said Barbara and Thom told us there was a new rule that if singers were going to miss a service, they had to find replacements. Of course, nobody could replace them. I took a quick picture of the choir that was left. John’s and David’s voices came in handy.

033019 Choir without Barbara and Thom.jpg

I was very impressed with Chris, the man who followed me as organist. The organ died, so he put together a system that uses two keyboards and two large speakers. He routinely plays both keyboards together! I could never have done that.

033019 Chris at the consoles.JPG

We had a most delightful evening with friends of long standing. A trip to Stony Brook would not be complete without our seeing Karen and Al. We caught up with news, had a few serious discussions, and laughed over almost everything else. To me that is absolutely priceless. The dinner they served was scrumptious. For the foodies: baked Brie, humus, cheese, Chinese dumplings, baked ziti, meatballs, sausage, spinach salad, Italian bread, apple tart with a fancy name and fancy taste, ice cream, and coffee.

033019 John David Al Karen.JPG
John, David, Al, and Karen

32 thoughts on “Old Stompin’ Grounds

  1. A visit back home is always wonderful. For a while I lived in NJ and Delaware. I loved both places but home is different. I have a digital piano that can sound like an organ. Sounds wonderful but in our downsizing I’ve been trying to get it out of here and sadly I’ve had no takers. People aren’t playing instruments like they used to. I guess kids are more likely to play sports than pianos and clarinets.

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          1. I’ve never had room for that large scale but my next door neighbor had a baby grand in her great room (which was pretty great). It was awesome. Exercise equipment is the other big clunky stuff that’s hard to re-home. 🙂


  2. I returned to CT last week for a few days of business. I got to enjoy Son Matt and wife Beth, and 3 of the 4 Grands. Knowing I was coming, a Pork was cooking in the Crock Pot and its savory smells were in the air. Just great hearing the business of the youngins and daughter in law Beth’s return to teaching after a lengthy hiatus to raise four kids and pamper our son. I also got to see three of my four favorite Standard Poodles. Safe travels back, is this the previously sick Van that was viewed in the Funeral Parlor?


    1. How wonderful that you had a good visit with son Matt and Beth!

      You and Mary Agnes can breathe easily again for us. The van is new, and this is her maiden voyage to NY. She didn’t particularly like NYC traffic.


  3. What a treat for everyone. It’s clear you enjoy the connection with your friends from the past, and clearly they are happy to see you. That organ substitute setup is quite impressive. Wonder why he doesn’t have a keyboard in organ mode? What’s the benefit of two machines? Makes me curious.

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    1. Chris plays both keyboards in organ mode. One of them has excellent bass notes, and the other has lots of choices that are good for accompanying the choir and the congregation. He usually plays both at the same time for congregational singing.


  4. There can be something special to be found in old stomping grounds for some people, that’s old friends, some family and the memories of old friends lost.. It sounds like you all had a superb time and a superb feast. May you return many more times.
    Mammoth Hugs


  5. How nice to return to friends and family and you have mentioned that millpond to me in the past when I have done posts about waterfowl; I believe geese or ducks live at this pond and you would pass them by? Safe travels on your return.


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