Even though John did all the driving to New York and back, I was tired. I unpacked, put a meal on the table, took a nap, and thought I would make it to bedtime. In the evening grandson David tried to explain something to me. I told him to try again the next day, because I couldn’t think well.

He laughed when I said, “I haven’t lost my marbles, but they have shrunk. They are now the size of BBs.”

I had enough brain power left to be thankful we spent quality time with relatives and friends and heard heavenly music. We were in the car about 30 hours, playing CDs almost constantly. John said we listened to a great majority of our music for Lent. There is no telling how long it would take to hear the recordings for Holy Week and Easter.

28 thoughts on “Shrinkage

  1. Wow! 30 hours total driving time is INTENSE! I’m impressed 🙂
    For some reason I’ve been saying ‘happy lent’ to people, even though that obviously doesn’t fit with the theme, so instead here’s to a ‘happy-it’s-almost-easter-but-not-quite’!


    1. Yes, our trip was marvelous. I wouldn’t want to do it nine times a year like John did in 2018. He was ferrying grandsons. Some of that will stop now that David lives with us and Nathaniel is in college in NC. Thank you for being a faithful reader.


  2. I’ll definitely remember the marbles and BBs. I can relate. When we travel I need a day or two to recover my wits.


  3. That was some Road Trip! Glad your home safely. My brain, comes in and out of a fog most times.

    Speaking of shrinkage of the brain. My brother and I, were watching a man working on something several weeks ago. I commented on how dangerous and dumb the guy appeared. It being a neighbor 2 doors down from Jerry, he knew him and remarked, “If you took his brains, and condensed them to gasoline, you wouldn’t have enough to ride a tiny mini-bike halfway around a BB”.


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